C.L.R. James

World Revolution 1917–1936
The Rise and Fall of the Communist International

Source: World Revolution 1917–1936.
Publisher: Furnell and Sons, 1937.
HTML Markup: Sally Ryan.
Proofread: Alvaro Miranda (August 2020–January 2021).

Introduction to 1993 edition – (Al Richardson)

Chapter I. Marxism
Chapter II. The Forerunners of the Third International
Chapter III. The War and the Russian Revolution
Chapter IV. The Failure of the World Revolution and the Foundation of the International
Chapter V. Lenin and Socialism
Chapter VI. Stalin and Socialism
Chapter VII. Stalin Kills the 1923 Revolution
Chapter VIII. The Kulak and the British General Council
Chapter IX. Stalin Ruins the Chinese Revolution
Chapter X. The Platform and the Five-Year Plan
Chapter XI. Industry and the Plan
Chapter XII. “After Hitler, Our Turn”
Chapter XIII. The Great Retreat
Chapter XIV. The Revolution Abandoned
Chapter XV. A Fourth International, the Only Hope
Appendix on Soviet Communism by Sidney and Beatrice Webb

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