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CLR James as a young man

1901 – 1989

“This independent Negro movement is able to intervene with terrific force upon the general social and political life of the nation, despite the fact that it is waged under the banner of democratic rights ... [and] is able to exercise a powerful influence upon the revolutionary proletariat, that it has got a great contribution to make to the development of the proletariat in the United States, and that it is in itself a constituent part of the struggle for socialism.”.
Revolutionary Answer, 1948

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Notes on Dialectics

Dialectical Materialism & the Fate of Humanity

World Revolution 1917-1936


Articles on Marxism, Revolution and Black History

I.L.P. Abyssinian Policy
I.L.P. Discussion, October 1935.

Intervening in Abyssinia
New Leader, October 1935.

The Workers and Sanctions
New Leader, October 1935.

National Stay-In Strike?
New Leader, November 1935.

“Civilising” the “Blacks”; Why Britain needs to Maintain Her African Possessions
New Leader, May 1936.

Popular Front in Past Times
Fight, December 1936.

The Leninist Attitude to War
Fight, January 1937.

The Second Moscow Trial [Part I]
Fight, February 1937.

The Leninist Attitude for Spain
Fight, April 1937.

The Second Moscow Trial
Fight, April–May 1937.

Controversy, October 1937.

Introduction to Mary Low and Juan Breá’s Red Spanish Notebook

Six Questions to Trotskyists – And Their Answers
Controversy, February–March 1938.

Revolutionary Socialist League
Fight, April 1938.

The Voice of Africa
International African Opinion, August 1938.

Sir Stafford Cripps and “Trusteeship”
International African Opinion, September 1938.

An African “Homeland” for the Jewish Refugees?
Socialist Appeal, 26 November 1938.

Preliminary Notes on the Negro Question
SWP Internal Bulletin, June 1939.

Notes Following the Discussions
SWP Internal Bulletin, June 1939.

The Right of Self-Determination and the Negro in the US
SWP New York Convention Resolutions, July 1939.

The SWP and Negro Work
SWP New York Convention Resolutions, July 1939.

The Communist Party’s Zigzags on Negro Policy
Socialist Appeal, 15 August 1939.

The Negro Question: The SWP Tackles Negro Work
Socialist Appeal, 15 August 1939.

The Negro Question: The American Negro and the Proletarian Revolution
Socialist Appeal, 22 August 1939.

The Negro Question: Chauvinism Must Be Driven Out
Socialist Appeal, 25 August 1939.

The Negro Question: The 1919 Race Riots in Chicago
Socialist Appeal, 29 August 1939.

The Negro Question: Negroes and the War
Series in Socialist Appeal, September–October 1939.

The Negro Question: The Effects of Capitalist Propaganda
Socialist Appeal, 1 September 1939.

The Negro Question: Negroes and the Hitler-Stalin Pact
Socialist Appeal, 5 September 1939.

African Soldiers and the Armies of “Democracy”
Socialist Appeal, 13 September 1939.

The Greatest Event in History
Socialist Appeal, 14 November 1939.

The Destiny of the Negro – An Historical Overview
Series in Socialist Appeal, November–December 1939.

Revolution and the Negro
New International, December 1939.

Why Negroes Should Oppose the War
Socialist Workers Party pamphlet, 1939.

On Gone with the Wind
Socialist Appeal, 30 December 1939.

On Gone with the Wind
Socialist Appeal, 13 January 1940.

The Economics of Lynching
Socialist Appeal, 11 February 1940.

Native Son and Revolution
New International, May 1940.

On Native Son by Richard Wright
Book review in Labor Action, 27 May 1940.

“My Friends”: A Fireside Chat on the War
Workers Party pamphlet, June 1940.

Refugees – in Belgium and the Congo – in War, in Peace
Labor Action, 10 June 1940.

Marcus Garvey
Labor Action, 24 June 1940.

Capitalist Society and the War
New International, July 1940.

The Speech That Was Not Made at NAACP Meet
Labor Action, 8 July 1940.

Labor Will Take Care of Its Own Union Problems
Labor Action, 29 July 1940.

State and Counter-Revolution
New International, August 1940.

Labor Will Take Care of Its Own Union Problems
Labor Action, 5 August 1940.

Negro and White Workers Must Stand Together
Labor Action, 12 August 1940.

We Must Fight Against Any Kind of Enslavement
Labor Action, 19 August 1940.

Beware of Those Who Act for the Boss Class!
Labor Action, 26 August 1940.

Trotsky’s Place In History
New International, September 1940.

A Tribute to Our Fallen Leader, Leon Trotsky
Labor Action, 2 September 1940.

Which Type of Leader Should Negroes Follow?
Labor Action, 2 September 1940.

Where Will You Find Friends of the Negroes?
Labor Action, 9 September 1940.

The Negro Must Have His Share of the New Jobs
Labor Action, 16 September 1940.

Stand Together, Fight For Jobs – That’s the Way
Labor Action, 23 September 1940.

On the History of the Left Opposition
Discussion with Trotsky from Fourth International, January 1941.

The Bolsheviks in the War
Review of a book on the Bolsheviks during WWI from New International, February 1941.

Negroes! Beware the Imperialist Use of Ethiopia! – 2
Labor Action, 17 March 1941.

We Must Aid Africa’s Anti-War Militants
Labor Action, 24 March 1941.

Negro Committee Asks Jobs for 100 Bus Drivers
Labor Action, 31 March 1941.

Russia – A Fascist State
New International, April 1941.

It Is Up to The Transport Workers Now!
Labor Action, 7 April 1941.

Guard Against the Trap Set by Henry Ford
Labor Action, 14 April 1941.

Ireland and the Revolutionary Tradition of Easter Week
Labor Action, 14 April 1941.

Merguson Has an Obligation to the Negroes
Labor Action, 21 April 1941.

Negro Masses and the Struggle for World Socialism
Labor Action, 21 April 1941.

A New Joke – “Jim-Crow Helps The Negro Race”
Labor Action, 5 May 1941.

Ford Tries to Feed the Negro Poisoned Bait
Labor Action, 12 May 1941.

Marshall Field, Negro-Hater, Turns “Friend”
Labor Action, 19 May 1941.

Judas Pickens Takes the Stump for War Bonds
Labor Action, 26 May 1941.

Max Eastman Dives Into Jingo Waters – So Perish All Traitors!
Labor Action, 26 May 1941.

Imperialism in Africa
New International, June 1941.

To and From the Finland Station
New International, June 1941.

From Jobs to the Struggle for Socialism
Labor Action, 2 June 1941.

We Must Strike a Mighty Blow at Jim-Crow Now
Labor Action, 9 June 1941.

All Out July 1 for the March on Washington
Labor Action, 16 June 1941.

FDR’s Latest Trick Is So Old It’s Moth-Eaten
Labor Action, 23 June 1941.

Beware of Those Pushing You Into the War
Labor Action, 7 July 1941.

Negroes, We Can Depend Only on Ourselves!
Labor Action, 14 July 1941.

Negro Protest Runs Too Deep to Be Squashed
Labor Action, 21 July 1941.

We Must Force the Job Issue by Mass Action
Labor Action, 28 July 1941.

Russia and Marxism
New International, September 1941.

With The Sharecroppers
Labor Action, September 1941.

Resolution on the Russian Question
Resolution submitted by C.L.R. James to the 1941 convention of the Workers Party of the United States

Letter on the nature of the Russian economy
New International, April 1942.

A Report on Conditions in England – Working Class Grows More Restive
Labor Action, 9 November 1942.

India and the International Situation (series)
Labor Action, 16 November 1942.

India and Its Relation to the Conduct of the War (series)
Labor Action, 7 December 1942.

On the Role of the Indian Ruling Class (series)
Labor Action, 14 December 1942.

A Brief Outline of Indian Economy (series)
Labor Action, 28 December 1942.

The Role of the Indian Capitalist Class (series)
Labor Action, 4 January 1943.

A Socialist India Is the Only Genuine Solution – 1 (series)
Labor Action, 11 January 1943.

A Socialist India Is the Only Genuine Solution – 2 (series)
Labor Action, 18 January 1943.

Production for the Sake of Production
Polemic against Joseph Carter on Marxist Political Economy Workers Party Bulletin, April 1943.

The Way Out for Europe
New International, April/May 1943.

Greatest Empire in History Is Collapsing
Labor Action, 26 April 1943.

Beatrice Webb, Reformist (obituary)
New International, May 1943.

Save Us from These Noble “Friends of the Negro”
Labor Action, 3 May 1943.

Two Coal Strikes – What We Can Learn – United States, 1943 – Britain, 1926
Labor Action, 10 May 1943.

Hollywood Does a Re-Take on the War
Labor Action, 24 May 1943.

Pamphlet Points at Scandal of “Jim-Crow in Uniform”
Labor Action, 24 May 1943.

The West Indies in Review
New International, June 1943.

Mr. Lerner: Ideas Are Weapons, But How Use Them?
Labor Action, 7/14 June 1943.

The Negro: Several Aspects of the WLB Decision
Labor Action, 21 June 1943.

Beaumont Bosses and KKK Behind Attack on Negroes
Labor Action, 28 June 1943.

The Race Pogroms and the Negro
New International, July 1943.

The Philosophy of History and Necessity
Polemic against Sidney Hook from New International, July/October 1943.

Giraud – Disciple of Roosevelt
Labor Action, 19/26 July 1943.

Negro People Are Still in Danger
Labor Action, 2 August 1943.

Harlem Negroes Protest Jim Crow Discrimination
Labor Action, 9 August 1943.

Italian Workers Blaze Path for European Revolution
Labor Action, 16 August 1943.

Union Labor Must Lead the Fight for Negro Rights
Labor Action, 16 August 1943.

Still Defending the British Empire
Labor Action, 13 September 1943.

FEPC Program No Aid to Negro Labor
Labor Action, 20 September 1943.

Speech of Railroad Lawyer at FEPC Hearing Shows Up Hypocrisy of American Racial Policy
Labor Action, 27 September 1943.

Socialism and the National Question
New International, October 1943.

The Labor Unions Must Smash Jim Crow
Labor Action, 4 October 1943.

This Is Labor’s Own Problem!
Labor Action, 18 October 1943.

FEPC Has Failed – Committee Appointed by Labor Needed
Labor Action, 25 October 1943.

In the American Tradition
New International, November 1943.

On Comptroller Warren’s Ruling – How He Strangled the FEPC
Labor Action, 8 November 1943.

Warren Ruling Upholds Race Discrimination
Labor Action, 22 November 1943.

The European Socialist Revolution (with Harry Allen & Tom Brown)
New International, December 1943

The Historical Development of the Negro in the United States
Workers Party document, December 1943.

Negroes in the Civil War
New International, December 1943

Randolph Prepares a New ‘Demarche’
Labor Action, 6 December 1943.

Negroes Must Fight for a Labor Party
Labor Action, 6 December 1943.

In the International Tradition
New International, January 1944.

The Story of Harriet Tubman and the American Civil War
Labor Action, 3 January 1944.

Laski, St. Paul and Stalin
New International, June 1944.

The British Empire’s Little Helpers
Labor Action, 19 June 1944.

Who Will Govern France?
Labor Action, 26 June 1944.

The American People in ‘One World’
New International, July 1944.

Labor’s Apathy to the War
Labor Action, 3 July 1944.

Great Britain: People Revolted by U.S. Race Prejudice
Labor Action, 17 July 1944.

Hillman and the Corruption in U.S. Politics
Labor Action, 17 July 1944.

Negroes Need a Labor Party
Labor Action, 24 July 1944.

What Russia Wants in Germany
Labor Action, 24 July 1944.

The Course of the War
New International, August 1944.

No Alternative for Negroes but to Fight for Labor Party
Labor Action, 7 August 1944.

Does Cheap Patronage Cancel Oppression?
Labor Action, 14 August 1944.

Capitalism Taboos ‘Equal Opportunity’ for Negro People
Labor Action, 21 August 1944.

Why U.S. Workers Should Support National Liberation Struggles
Labor Action, 21 August 1944.

Mr. Minor, This War Is NOT Like the Civil War of 1861
Labor Action, 28 August 1944.

Stalin Leads Wolf Pack in Shameful Lust for Blood of German Workers
Labor Action, 28 August 1944.

The French Rats and the Sinking Ship
New International, September 1944.

Ban on GI Jim Crow a Paper Edict Unless Negroes and Labor Enforce It
Labor Action, 4 September 1944.

Paris Masses Did It Themselves!
Labor Action, 4 September 1944.

World Events Are of Great Importance to U.S. Labor
Labor Action, 25 September 1944.

The Gravediggers: How French Rulers Sold Out to Hitler
Labor Action, 2 October 1944.

Egad! Stalin Fears “Contamination” of Red Army by Rumanian “Luxuries”!
Labor Action, 9 October 1944.

Re-Heating an Old Dish at Dumbarton
Labor Action, 9 October 1944.

Preparing a New League of Nations
Labor Action, 16 October 1944.

The Hoax of Dumbarton Oaks
Labor Action, 23 October 1944.

The Late Wendell Willkie: The Politician Who Came Too Late
Labor Action, 23 October 1944.

Hoax at Dumbarton Oaks – II
Labor Action, 30 October 1944.

Germany and European Civilization
New International, November 1944.

Daily Worker on Negroes and the Elections – A Falsification of History
Labor Action, 20 November 1944.

What Should Be the Future of PAC?
Labor Action, 20 November 1944.

Two Negroes: Labor Leader, Labor Traitor
Labor Action, 27 November 1944.

What Should Be the Future of PAC? – II
Labor Action, 27 November 1944.

Which Way for PAC
New International, December 1944.

A Great Figure in American History
Labor Action, 4 December 1944.

One-Tenth of the Nation
Labor Action, 11 December 1944.

One-Tenth of the Nation
Labor Action, 18 December 1944.

Socialism versus Free Enterprise
Labor Action, 25 December 1944.

One-Tenth of the Nation
Labor Action, 1 January 1945.

One-Tenth of the Nation
Labor Action, 8 January 1945.

One-Tenth of the Nation
Labor Action, 22 January 1945.

One-Tenth of the Nation
Labor Action, 29 January 1945.

One-Tenth of the Nation
Labor Action, 12 February 1945.

One-Tenth of the Nation
Labor Action, 19 February 1945.

Reconversion –
New International, March 1945.

One-Tenth of the Nation
Labor Action, 5 March 1945.

PAC’s Hillman Repudiates Need of the Hour – A Labor Party
Labor Action, 5 March 1945.

Economics of Miners’ Fight
Labor Action, 12 March 1945.

Public Awareness of the Negro Question
Labor Action, 2 April 1945.

Danger Signals
Labor Action, 9 April 1945.

White Workers’ Prejudices
Labor Action, 23 April 1945.

The Lesson of Germany
New International, May 1945.

Roosevelt and Negro Question
Labor Action, 7 May 1945.

Balance Sheet of the War – 1
Labor Action, 4 June 1945.

Balance Sheet of the War – 2
Labor Action, 11 June 1945.

Portrait: A “Friend of the Negroes”
Labor Action, 11 June 1945.

Southern Liberal and FEPC
Labor Action, 18 June 1945.

The Case of the 92nd
Labor Action, 25 June 1945.

Negroes Get Priority in Layoffs
Labor Action, 25 June 1945.

Eisenhower and Jim Crow
Labor Action, 2 July 1945.

An Answer to a Reader
Labor Action, 13 August 1945.

Basis for Anti-Negro Prejudice
Labor Action, 27 August 1945.

The British Vote For Socialism
New International, September 1945.

Negroes and Full Employment
Labor Action, 24 September 1945.

Historical Retrogression or Socialist Revolution: A Discussion Article on the Thesis of the IKD – Part IPart II
Written September 1945, published New International, January & February 1946.

From the Master-Slave Dialectic to Revolt in Capitalist Production
Extract from a polemic by C.L.R. James, against the IKD, 1946.

On Karl Marx and the 75th Anniversary of the Paris Commune
Labor Action, March 1946.

The Task of Building the American Bolshevik Party
Document from Bulletin of the Workers Party, March 1946.

The Program of the Minority
Minority document for Workers Party convention, May 1946, with Dunayevskaya et al.

Joe Louis and Jack Johnson
Labor Action, 1 July 1946.

After Ten Years
An assessment of Trotsky’s Revolution Betrayed, ten years on, 1946.

Lenin on Agriculture and the Negro Question
Labor Action, 13 January 1947.

One Tenth of the Nation
Labor Action, 24 February 1947.

Negroes and Bolshevism
Labor Action, April 1947.

The Rapid Growth of the NAACP
The Militant, 22 September 1947.

Trotskyism in the United States, 1940–1947. Balance Sheet.
Published by the Workers Party and the Johnson-Forest tendency.

The Invading Socialist Society
With Raya Dunayevskaya and Grace Lee Boggs, published by the Johnson-Forest tendency.

The Revolutionary Answer to the Negro Problem in the USA
Fourth International, Vol. 9 No. 8, December 1948.

Henry Luce and Karl Marx
Fourth International, March–April 1948.

Winston Churchill – Tory War-dog
Fourth International, February 1949.

The Two Sides of Abraham Lincoln
The Militant, 14 February 1949.

“The Talented Tenth”: Negro Leadership and Civil Rights, Road Ahead in Negro Struggle
2 articles on the problems of the Civil Rights struggle from Fourth International, April 1949.

Cromwell and the Levellers, Ancestors of the Proletariat
2 articles on the English Revolution of 1649 from Fourth International, 1949.

Price of Imperialism to the People
Fourth International, August 1949.

Stalinism and Negro History, Herbert Aptheker’s Distortions
2 articles on Stalinism from Fourth International, November and December 1949.

Key Problems in the Study of Negro History
The Militant, 13 February 1950

Two Young American Writers
Book review in Fourth International, March–April 1950.

Capitalism and the Welfare State
Extract from an unsigned editorial in Fourth International, May–June 1950.

State Capitalism and World Revolution
Written in 1950 in collaboration with Raya Dunayevskaya.

On the Woman Question: An Orientation
A discussion held on September 3rd, 1951.

Every Cook can Govern
A Study of Democracy in Ancient Greece, 1956.

Lecture on Federation (West Indies and British Guiana)
Speech delivered at Queens College in then British Guiana on West Indian Federation, June 1958.

Marxism and the Intellectuals
Pamphlet published with Martin Glaberman, 1962.

Indomitable Rebel
Review of The Prophet Outcast, Trotsky: 1929–40 by Isaac Deutscher, 1963.

Lenin and the Vanguard Party
Controversy, Vol. 1, No. 3, Spring 1963.

Revolutionary Creativity
Review of two books on Russian Marxism, 1964.

West Indians of East Indian Descent
Exploring race relations between Trinidadians of East Indian descent and Trinidadians of African descent.

On The Vanguard
Speech at a Conference of Oilfield Workers Trade Union in Trinidad, October 1965.

Black Power
Talk in London in 1967.

World Politics Today
Article in Speak Out, March 1967.

Che Guevara
Article in Speak Out, November 1967.

World Revolution: 1968
Article in Speak Out, June/July 1968.

Reflections on Pan-Africanism
Transcript of speech given on 20 & 21 November 1973.

Fanon and the Caribbean
International Tribute to Frantz Fanon: Record of the Special Meeting of the United Nations Special Committee against Apartheid, 3 November 1978.

Tariq Ali and C.L.R. James: A Conversation
Socialist Challenge, 3 July 1980.

Interview with Ken Ramchand in San Fernando
Trinidad & Tobago, September 5th, 1980.

Walter Rodney and the Question of Power
Talk given a memorial symposium titled, Walter Rodney, Revolutionary & Scholar: A Tribute, held on 30 January 1981 at the University of California, USA.

Free For All: The nine year old leader
Article in Race Today, Vol. 14 No.  3, May–June, 1982.

Interview with British Trotskyists
South London, November 16th, 1986.

‘You never know when it is going to explode’
Interview in Living Marxism, April 1989.

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