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Jean Jaurès


Jean Jaurès



From the journal of Jules Renard

Letter From Anatole France on the Death of Jaurès

The assassination of Jean Jaurès, 1914.



1893: On the Panama Scandal.

1894: On the Anarchists.

1894: Capital Punishment.

1898: The Socialist Interest.

1898: The French Elections.

1899: Madness.

1899: Socialist Unity.

1900: Preface to “Aguinaldo and the Philippines”.

1901: Socialist History of the French Revolution:
        The Causes of the Revolution: The Philosophical Spirit.
        14 July 1789.
        The Consequences of the Taking of the Bastille.
        The Great Fear.
        The Insurrection of August 10, 1792.
        The Battle of Valmy.
        The Trial of the King.
        The Assassination of Marat.
        The Fall of Robespierre.
        Saint Just’s Projects and Robespierre’s Policies.
        The Cult of the Supreme Being.
        The Law of Prairial and the Great Terror (Fall, year IV).
        The 9 Thermidor.
        How Should We Judge the Revolutionaries?.

1901: “Work” (review of Emile Zola’s book in The Social Democrat).

1904: Our Goal (Editorial in first issue of L’Humanité).

1905: The Socialist Aim (from The Social Democrat).

1906: Studies in Socialism.

1907: Democracy & Military Service.

1907: France and Morocco.

1911: The Portuguese Republic.