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1967: Marx and Engels and the Concept of the Party

1970: Britain – Prospects for the Seventies

1980: Review of Mandel’s “Revolutionary Marxism Today”

1981: Is the Marxist Tradition Democratic?

1982: The Polish Crisis
1982: Poland’s Military Crackdown

1983: Marx, Blanqui and Majority Rule

1984: CPSU and Spanish Communists

1985: Gorbachev Ushers in a New Period
1985: The Relevance of Trotsky (debate with John Molyneux)
1985: History Lessons: Review of Branson’s History of the Communist Party of Great Britain 1929-1941

1986: Will Gorbachev Shake the World?: A roundtable discussion

1989: People Power

1990: Marxism After Marx: Critical Condition
1990: The Moment of Truth


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