Karl Kautsky

Communism in Central Europe in the Time of the Reformation

Translated: J.L. & E.G. Mulliken.
Published: Fisher and Unwin in London in 1897.
This is part of a larger work by Kautsky called Vorläufer des neueren Sozialismus (Forerunners of Modern Socialism), which has never been fully translated to English.
Transcribed: Ted Crawford for marxists.org, June, 2002. [1]



Transcriber’s Note

1. A few typos have been corrected but otherwise the text is the 1897 one which was reprinted in 1966 in New York by Augustus Kelley. Notes in the original were at the bottom of each page and numbered for their position on that page and thus no higher than 4. The notes have been renumbered and the number (up to 78) now refers to the chapter in which they appear.

The German references have now been checked against the text in Vorläufer des neueren Sozialismus and the use of umlauts has been brought into line with German usage, except in a number of cases where the spelliing of titles is archaic.


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