Kazi Nazrul Islam

One Whom You Did Not Garland with the Hands

(Jaare Dui Haate Malaa Dite Paaro Nai/Keno Money Raakho Taarey...)

Date: unknown
Translation: Fakhruzzaman Chowdhury
Transciption: Mohammad Basirul Haq Sinha
HTML Markup: Mike B.
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One whom you did not garland with your hands
Why then keep him in mind?
Forget him, forget him forever
I sing in my melancholy,
Why then you stand in my front,
Call me no more like a mirage
In the darkness of night.
Pity me, oh, pity me, please
Play no more cruel game with me.
Hundreds of drops of tear will not bring back
That blissful moment.
I wander on the road, causing no harm to one
Why then your eyes entreat with tears ,
Did I ever stand on your door step
Even by mistake?
Forget me, forget me forever.


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