D. D. Kosambi

Exasperating Essays

First Published: 1957
Publisher: People's Publishing House, New Delhi
Transcription/Markup: Salil Sen for MIA, 2009
Copyright: R.P.Nene; reproduced by MIA with kind permission of the copyright holder

Introductory Note

Prof. Kosambi's public persona had quite a few major strands: pioneering Marxist interpreter of ancient Indian history — linking together his formidable expertise in numismatics, archeology, linguistics etc. apart from of course history and dialeectical materialism; (socially-conscious) mathematician-scientist; anti-nuke peace activist; social-political commentator.

The last two, and the last one in particular, remains overshadowed by the first two — the first one in particular.

This slim book, a collection of essays, is a brilliant exposition of the last dimension.

Sukla Sen for MIA, 2009

The Function of Leadership in a Mass Movement (1939)
The Bourgeoisie Comes of Age in India (1946)
On the Class Structure of India (1954)
On the Revolution in China (1957)
Science and Freedom (1952)
On the Trial of Sokrates (1939)
The Decline of Buddhism in India (1956)
The Kanpur Road (1939)
The Quality of Renunciation in Bhartrihari's Poetry (1941)
Imperialism and Peace (1951)

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