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Pieter Lawrence





The Long and the Short and the Tall, March 1959

Apartheid, March 1960

Report on Mau Mau, July 1960

The Bishop of Woolwich Squares the Circle, August 1963

Demonstration in Washington, October 1963

Attitudes to Work, May 1965

The Origin of Apartheid, June 1965

Turgenev's Virgin Soil July 1965

The maxims of Enoch Powell, August 1965

The Advance of Technology, October 1965

Alcoholics Numerous, February 1966

The Job of Governing, August 1966

Man should matter most, September 1966

Violence breeds violence, October 1966

What Socialism Means, July 1973

The Failure of Reforms, February 1978

Socialism — the politics of reason, March 1978

Debate with Liberal Party (Guildford) April 1978

Dimensions of Alienation, May 1978

The case against CND, June 1982

Notes on production for use, December 1982

Production for use, February 1983

"The Struggle", December 1983

Is the Marxian theory of history still relevant?, February 1984

Who are the ecologists?, April 1984

How socialism can increase food production, April 1984

How Socialism Can Organise Production Without Money, Winter 1984

Democracy and South Africa, November 1985

Tin pot madness, December 1985

Socialism and the Left, January 1986

Socialism and uneven world development, Summer 1986

The Revolution that Wasn't, May 1988

Labour's head-banging exercise, July 1989

What Next for South Africa?, April 1990

Remove the barrier of profit, January 1994

Who will be the winners in South Africa?, April 1994

One World Administration, August 1996

“All this Hard Graft no Longer Makes Sense”, March 1999

Breakdown at The Hague (1), January 2001

Breakdown at The Hague (2), February 2001

Breakdown at The Hague (3), March 2001

Government or Democracy?, May 2001

The Death of Ideas?, July 2001

Freedom from Profit, August 2001

"It's only human nature", September 2001

Socialism, Sudden and Gradual Change , March 2002

The Fetishism of Money , April 2002

Ken’s (Capitalist) Plan for London, May 2002

A challenge to the unions, September 2002

The fall of Berlin, September 2002

Britain Is Not a Classless Society, December 2002

Why Just Land?, February 2003

Criticism, alienation and engagement, March 2004

Show Biz re-visits world poverty, July 2005

The Last Conflict, December 2006

Introduction to Practical Socialism: Its Principles and Methods, 2006

What Socialism Means, 2006

The Myth of Nationalisation, 2006

The Conflict between Utopia and Practical Socialism, 2006

Methods of Practical Socialism, 2006

Democratic Organisation, 2006

Socialism and Law, 2006

Organisation of Production, 2006

Information, Planning and Decision Making, 2006

Waste and Destruction, 2006

Advantages of Production Solely For Use, 2006

The Fetishism of Money, 2006

Socialism in the 21st Century, 2006