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Published: First published in 1929 in the Journal Proletarskaya Revolyutsiya No. 11. Sent from Berlin to Moscow. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1977, Moscow, Volume 37, page 80.
Translated: The Late George H. Hanna
Transcription\Markup: D. Moros
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September 7 (August 26), 1895

Today I received your letter with the money, Mother dearest, and thank you for it. I am surprised to hear of such a great difference in the weather; you write that it is cold in Moscow, but here it is hotter than it was all through August, so I thought you were probably still living in the country.

There have been no changes in my way of life here and I have got so used to it that I feel myself almost at home and would willingly stay longer; but the time has come to leave and I am beginning to think of various practical problems like buying things and a suitcase, and about tickets, etc. Is there anything I can bring you? I can buy anything here in some big shop; it seems to me manufactured goods here are cheaper than ours and probably better. Perhaps Mitya needs some books—let him write [for instance he may need some album of anatomy, or something else to do with medicine] and Manyasha, too. If she has nothing in mind, you or Anyuta advise me what to bring her. I feel I should be buying all sorts of stuff....[1]


[1] The rest of the letter has been lost.—Ed.

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