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A Note on the PDFs Listed Below

Readers will note that each volume of this PDF editions presented and linked below contains a copyright notice by David J. Romagnolo, the editor and publisher of the Marx2Mao website (www.marx2mao.com), who scanned and created this superb series of facsimiles. [Web viewing versions in HTML are presented and linked on the right]

David claimed a copyright on the presentation (not the content) of these digital incarnations of Lenin's works, but admitted himself that he isn't sure whether such a claim has legal standing. In fact, he is right to express doubt about this. The law and court precedent is quite unambiguously clear here: "slavish reproductions" of public domain works (such as the collected works of Lenin)... whether they be photographic bit map scans, or the meticulously re-type-set digital files David produced... CAN NOT be claimed to be owned by anyone.

As always, we at Marxists Internet Archive encourage the widest possible distribution and sharing of the materials we archive, but, while we share Dave's wish this material be distributed freely, and without charge, the fact is that under the existing bourgeois intellectual property law neither David, nor we, nor anyone else, actually, have the legal right to restrict how this material is used or re-distributed.

We thank David J. Romagnolo for his years of work meticulously re-creating a stunningly high resolution, re-type-set digital archive of Lenin's Collected Works – making this was an outstanding service to the workers movement – and we encourage users to remember to credit David J. Romagnolo and www.marx2mao.com when reproducing or using these files.

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Note: Besides Marxists.org, this collection can also be accessed at http:// archive.org, and of course, at http://www.marx2mao.com

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A Note on “Notes” and Other Issues
Concerning   Lenin Collected Works

Volume 1 1893 —1894  PDF
Volume 2 1895—1897  PDF
Volume 3 The Development of Capitalism in Russia. 1896—1899  PDF
Volume 4 1898—1901  PDF
Volume 5 1901—1902  PDF
Volume 6 1902—1903  PDF
Volume 7     1903—1904  PDF
Volume 8 January—July 1905  PDF
Volume 9 June—November 1905  PDF
Volume 10     November 1905—June 1906   PDF
Volume 11     June 1906—January 1907  PDF
Volume 12     January-June 1907   PDF
Volume 13 June 1907—April 1908  PDF
Volume 14 Materialism and Empirio-Criticism. 1908  PDF
Volume 15 March 1908—August 1909  PDF
Volume 16 September 1909—December 1910   PDF
Volume 17 1910—1912  PDF
Volume 18 1912—July 1913   PDF
Volume 19 1913  PDF
Volume 20 December 1913—August 1914   PDF
Volume 21 August 1914—December 1915  PDF
Volume 22 December 1915—July 1916  PDF
Volume 23 August 1916—March 1917  PDF
Volume 24 April —May 1917  PDF
Volume 25 June —September 1917  PDF
Volume 26 September 1917—February 1918  PDF
Volume 27 February—July 1918  PDF
Volume 28 July 1918—March 1919  PDF
Volume 29 March—August 1919  PDF
Volume 30 September 1919—April 1920  PDF
Volume 31 April—December 1920  PDF
Volume 32     December 1920—August 1921  PDF
Volume 33     August 1921—March 1923  PDF
Volume 34 Letters, 1895—1911 PDF
Volume 35 Letters, 1912—1922  PDF
Volume 36 Letters, etc., 1900—1923  PDF
Volume 37 Letters to Relatives, 1893—1922  PDF
Volume 38     Philosophical Notebooks.   1895—1916  PDF
Volume 39     10 of 22 Notebooks on Imperialism.   PDF
Volume 40     0 of 45 Notebooks on the Agarian Question.  PDF
Volume 41     1896—1917   PDF
Volume 42 1917—1923  PDF
Volume 43 Letters, etc., 1893—1917  PDF
Volume 44 Letters, etc., 1917—1920  PDF
Volume 45 Letters, etc., 1920—1923  PDF
Works not published in the LCW are listed below:
  Telegram to Comrades Kuraev, Bosh, Minkin, and other Penza communists
  The Soviets At Work

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