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Lenin Collected Works:

Volume 38
(Philosophical Notebooks)
1895 — 1916



Conspectus of the book The Holy Family by Marx and Engels pp. 19-51


Fr. Überweg. Outline of the History of Philosophy (Revised by Max Heinze) 3 volumes. 1876-1880. Leipzig 52
Fr. Paulsen. Introduction to Philosophy 1899 53-55


Note on a Review of The Wonders of Life and The Riddle of the Universe by E. Haeckel 56


Remarks on Books on the Natural Sciences and Philosophy in the Sorbonne Library 57-60
Conspectus of Feuerbach’s Book Lectures on the Essence of Religion 61-84


Conspectus of Hegel’s Book The Science of Logic 85-237
Notes on Reviews of Hegel’s Logic 238-242
Conspectus of Hegel’s Book Lectures on the History of Philosophy 243-302
Conspectus of Hegel’s Book Lectures on the Philosophy Of History 303-314
Plan of Hegel’s Dialectics (Logic). (Contents of the Small Logic (Encyclopaedia))
[a.k.a. “Conspectus of the Shorter Logic”]
Georges Noël: Hegel’s Logic. Paris, 1897 319-324
J. Perrin. Treatise on Physical Chemistry. Principles. Paris, 1903 325
Peter Genov. Feuerbachs Erkenntnistheorie Und Metaphysik. Zürich, 1911 (Berner Dissertation) (S. 89) 326-327
Paul Volkmann. Epistemological Foundations of the Natural Sciences (“Sciences and Hypothesis,” IX). Second Edition. Leipzig, 1910 328
Max Verworn. The Hypothesis of Biogenesis. Jena, 1903 329-330
Fr. Dannemann. How Did Our Picture of the World Arise? (Kosmos). Stuttgart, 1912 331-332
Ludwig Darmstaedter. Handbook on the History of the Natural Sciences and Technique. Berlin, 1908, 2nd edition 333
Napoleon. Pensées. Paris, 1913. Bibliothèque Miniature No. 14 334
Artur Erich Haas. The Spirit of Hellenism in Modern Physics. Leipzig, 1914 (32 pp.) (Veit & Co.) 335
Theodor Lipps. Natural Science and World Outlook. (Speech at the 78th Congress of German Natural Scientists in Stuttgart). Heidelberg, 1906 336
Conspectus of Lassalle’s Book The Philosophy of Heraclitus the Obscure of Ephesus 337-352
On the Question of Dialectics 353-362
Conspectus of Aristotle’s Book Metaphysics 363-372
Note on The Collected Works of Feuerbach and Hegel 373-374
Conspectus of Feuerbach’s Book Exposition, Analysis and Critique of the Philosophy of Leibnitz 375-387
Remarks On Dr. Johann Plenge’s Marx and Hegel. Tübingen, 1911 388-391


Notes on Books 392-400


Remarks In Books 401-558


Volume 38 Transcription: R. Cymbala, Marc Szewczyk, & Andy Blunden (“Conspectus”, “Paulsen”, “Note”, “Remarks”, “Conspectus”, “Conspectus” and “Plan”) 2000-2003.
Transcription/Mark-up of Remainder, Proofreading, & Re-Markup: K. Goins (Aug, 2007—July, 2008)

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