Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Telegram to Comrades Kuraev, Bosh, Minkin, and other Penza communists

Written: August 11, 1918
Source: From the Library of Congress exhibit Revelations from the Russian Archives: Collectivization and Industrialization: “Hanging order”, p. 1 & p. 2.
Translated: Prof. Richard B. Day, of the University of Toronto Mississauga (2008)
Transcription & Markup: Kevin Goins (2008)
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Soviet Republic
Chairman of the Council
Of People’s Commissars
From Moscow, the Kremlin.


To Penza

To Comrades Kuraev, Bosh, Minkin and other Penza communists.


Comrades! The uprising by the five kulak volosts must be mercilessly suppressed. The interest of the entire revolution demands this, for we are now facing everywhere the “final decisive battle” with the kulaks. We need to set an example.


1.   You need to hang (hang without fail, so that the people see) no fewer than 100 of the
      notorious kulaks, the rich and the bloodsuckers.
2.   Publish their names.
3.   Take all their grain from them.
4.   Appoint the hostages — in accordance with yesterday’s telegram.


This needs to be done in such a way that the people for hundreds of versts around will see, tremble, know and shout: they are throttling and will throttle the bloodsucking kulaks.


Telegraph us concerning receipt and implementation.
Yours, Lenin.
PS. Find tougher people.


RTsKhIDNI, F.2, Op. 1, d. 6898. L. 1-1 ob.


[Note: In the top right corner of the document there is a three-word hand-written note that is not legible—Trans.]


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