Lenin Collected Works: Volume 16


Lenin Collected Works:
Volume 16

September 1909--December 1910



The Liquidators Exposed 37k
On the Open Letter of the Executive Committee of the Moscow Regional Committee 8k
The Election in St. Petersburg A Comment 28k
The Faction of Supporters of Otzovism and God-Building
  ¶ I   ¶ II   ¶ III   ¶ IV   ¶ V   ¶ VI   ¶ VII
Once More on Partyism and Non-Partyism 9k
A Word to the Bolsheviks of St. Petersburg 38k
Note to the Article “The St. Petersburg Election” 8k
Draft Resolution on the Consolidation of the Party and of Its Unity 8k
Speech at the Meeting of the International Socialist Bureau on the Split in the Dutch Social-Democratic Labour Party From the Report in the “Bulletin” of the I.S.B. 6k
The Tsar Against the Finnish People 13k
To Pupils of the Capri School 10k
A Shameful Fiasco 9k
Some Sources of the Present Ideological Discord 29k
Methods of the Liquidators and Party Tasks of the Bolsheviks 25k
Golos Sotsial-Demokrata and Cherevanin 11k
The Bourgeois Press Fable About the Expulsion of Gorky 5k
Ideological Decay and Disunity Among Russian Social-Democrats 12k
Explanatory Note on the Draft of the Main Grounds of the Bill on the Eight-Hour Working Day 25k
Letter to I. I. Skvortsov-Stepanov 25k
Concerning Vekhi
  ¶ I   ¶ II
The Last Word of Russian Liberalism 24k
The Eleventh Session of the International Socialist Bureau 16k
The Vperyod Group A Conspectus 8k


Towards Unity 29k
Golos (Voice) of the Liquidators Against the Party
  Reply to Golos Sotsial-Demokrata
What to Fight For? 21k
The Campaign Against Finland 16k
They are Nervous About the Army 29k
Party Unity Abroad 13k
One of the Obstacles to Party Unity 9k
To the Central Committee of the R.S.D.L.P. 15k
Notes of a Publicist
  1. The “Platform” of the Adherents and Defenders of Otzovism
  2. The “Unity Crisis” in Our Party
    1. Two Views on Unity
    2. “The Fight on Two Fronts” and the Overcoming of Deviations
    3. The Terms of Unity and Sectarian Diplomacy
    4. Paragraph I of the Resolution on the State of Affairs in the Party
    5. The Significance of the December (1908) Resolutions and the Attitude of the Liquidators to Them
    6. The Group of Independent-Legalists
    7. Pro-Party Menshevism and Its Evaluation
    8. Conclusion. The Platform of the Bolsheviks
The Jubilee Number of Zihna 15k
Draft Resolution on Co-Operative Societies from the Russian Social-Democratic Delegation at the Copenhagen Congress 9k
To the International Socialist Bureau on the Representation of the R.S.D.L.P. 5k
The Vperyod Faction 26k
The Question of Co-Operative Societies at the International Socialist Congress in Copenhagen 30k
How Certain Social-Democrats Inform the International About the State of Affairs in the R.S.D.L.P. 14k
Announcement on the Publication of Rabochaya Gazeta 22k
The Lessons of the Revolution 20k
Two Worlds 27k
The Demonstration on the Death of Muromtsev A comment 18k
Is This the Turn of the Tide? 10k
L. N. Tolstoy 17k
To the Comrades Studying at the School in Bologna 8k
L. N. Tolstoy and the Modern Labour Movement 13k
An Open Letter to All Pro-Party Social-Democrats 36k
Differences in the European Labour Movement
  ¶ I
Tolstoy and the Proletarian Struggle 7k
The Beginning of Demonstrations 13k
What is Happening in the Countryside? 9k
Ivan Vasilyevich Babushkin An Obituary 13k
To the Central Committee 12k
Heroes of “Reservation” 21k
The Historical Meaning of the Inner-Party Struggle in Russia
  ¶ I   ¶ II   ¶ III   ¶ IV
Strike Statistics in Russia
  ¶ I   ¶ II
The Capitalist System of Modern Agriculture 102k


Volume 16 Transcription/Mark-up: R. Cymbala,   June 30-July 9, 2004

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