Lenin Collected Works: Volume 23


Lenin Collected Works:
Volume 23

August 1916--March 1917



The Nascent Trend of Imperialist Economism 60k
Reply to P. Kievsky (Y. Pyatakov) 23k
A Caricature of Marxism and Imperialist Economism
  1. The Marxist Attitude Towards War and “Defence of the Fatherland”
  2. Our Understanding of the New Era”
  3. What Is Economic Analysis?
  4. The Example of Norway
  5. "Monism and Dualism
  6. The Other Political Issues Raised and Distorted by P. Kievsky
  7. Conclusion. Alexinsky Methods
The Military Programme of the Proletarian Revolution
    §  I    §  II    §  III 
Lost in a Wood of Three Trees 10k
Greetings to the Italian Socialist Party Congress 26k
The “Disarmament” Slogan
    §  I    §  II    §  III    §  IV 
Imperialism and the Split in Socialism 57k
Speech at the Congress of the Social-Democratic Party of Switzerland, November 4, 1916 17k
A Separate Peace 28k
Ten “Socialist” Ministers! 12k
Tasks of the Left Zimmerwaldists in the Swiss Social-Democratic Party
    I. Attitude Towards the War and Towards the Bourgeois Government in General
    II. The High Cost of Living and the Intolerable Economic Conditions of the Masses
    III. Pressing Democratic Reforms and Utilisation of the Political Struggle and Parliamentarism
    IV. The Immediate Tasks of Party Propaganda, Agitation and Organisation
    V. International Tasks of the Swiss Social-Democrats
Theses on the Attitude of the Swiss Social-Democratic Party Towards the War 13k
Principles Involved in the War Issue 31k
On the Defence of the Fatherland Issue 7k
The Youth International
  A Review
Efforts to Whitewash Opportunism 16k
The Chkheidze Faction and Its Role 21k


Bourgeois Pacifism and Socialist Pacifism
  Article (or Chapter) I.
    The Turn in World Politics
  Article (or Chapter) II.
    The Pacifism of Kautsky and Turati
  Article (or Chapter) III.
    The Pacifism of the French Socialists and Syndicalists
  Article (or Chapter) IV.
    Zimmerwald at the Crossroads
An Open Letter to Boris Souvarine 42k
Theses for an Appeal to the International Socialist Committee and All Socialist Parties. Rough Draft 41k
A Letter to V. A. Karpinsky 12k
An Open Letter to Charles Naine, Member of the International Socialist Committee in Berne 33k
To the Workers Who Support the Struggle Against the War and Against the Socialists Who Have Sided With Their Governments 23k
Lecture on the 1905 Revolution 58k
Twelve Brief Theses on H. Greulich's Defence of Fatherland Defence 24k
Defence of Neutrality 9k
A Turn in World Politics 35k
Statistics and Sociology
  Historical Background to National Movements
  Chapter 1. A Few Statistics
      §  I    §  II 
Imaginary or Real Marsh? 16k
Proposed Amendments to the Resolution on the War Issue 8k
The Story of One Short Period in the Life of One Socialist Party 21k
Draft Theses, March 4 (17), 1917 18k
Telegram to the Bolsheviks Leaving for Russia 5k
Letter to Volksrecht 6k
Letters From Afar 183k
To Our Comrades in War-Prisoner Camps 24k
The Revolution in Russia and the Tasks of the Workers of All Countries 17k
The Tasks of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party in the Russian Revolution
  Report of a lecture
Tricks of the Republican Chauvinists 16k
Decision of the Collegium Abroad, Central Committee, Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party 16k
Farewell Letter to the Swiss Workers 33k


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