V. I.   Lenin

Material for the Preparation of the Programme of the R.S.D.L.P.


Three Amendments to the Draft Programme

No. 1. In Paragraph (A) II, instead of: “As the result of continuous technical progress, small-scale production is being ousted to an ever greater degree by large-scale production”

insert the following:

“Technical progress is making constant headway, large-scale production is developing to an ever-increasing extent, small-scale production is being ousted more and more or is declining.”

No. 2. In Paragraph (B) VII, after: “All the other classes of present-day society stand for the preservation of the foundations of the existing economic system”


“and the small producer, who is being ruined under the yoke of capitalism, becomes truly revolutionary only to the extent that he realises the hopelessness of his position and places himself at the standpoint of the proletariat”— and further begin with a new paragraph.

No. 3. In Paragraph (B) XII, instead of: “are responsible for the Asiatically barbarous way in which the many-million-strong peasantry is dying out”


“are responsible for the Asiatically barbarous forms of exploitation and the agonising extinction of the many-million-strong peasantry.”

Written in the second half of February 1902



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