V. I.   Lenin



To Claire

Written: Written October 20, 1903
Published: First published in 1928. Sent from Geneva to Kiev. Printed from the original

Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1974, Moscow, Volume 34, pages 177-178.
Translated: Clemens Dutt
Transcription\Markup: D. Moros
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Dear friend,

I was very pleased to receive your latest news about the plan to take the skin off[1] Deer—it is high time! On the other hand, it is evident from letters that Deer and Vadim do not have a correct idea of the situation, and that there is no mutual understanding between us. This is very regrettable (even if Vadim ’s last letter giving advice in the form of an ultimatum is not to be taken seriously—Stake himself will reply to this, for, I repeat, I find it difficult to take such a thing seriously). Co-optation of Demon, Falcon, etc., is an erroneous step, in my opinion, for these people lack experience and self-dependence. The division of functions, too, is very dangerous, for it threatens to produce fragmentation. Meanwhile the committees continue to be neglected: in Kiev people are behaving foolishly and, strange to relate, neither Andreyevsky, nor Dyadin, nor Lebedev, have gone into the committees to fight. Kharkov, Ekaterinoslav, Don, and Gornozavodsky, too, are in the hands of the mutineers.[2] Positions must be occupied everywhere by our people at all costs. We must get at least one of our people, one who is wholly ours, on every committee without fail. The Caucasus is beginning to be stirred up[3]—there, too, they need our people’s help. More important than a division of functions is for seats in each committee to be occupied by our agents, and then for all efforts to be devoted to transport and delivery.

When all is said and done, the most important thing, and our whole strength, lies in transport. We should not be content with one route alone, but have two or three, so as to put a stop to the continual interruptions.

It is extremely important to issue the announcement[4] as soon as possible, to issue it in Russia and distribute it everywhere. For heaven’s sake, hurry up with this and write to us about it quickly and precisely. Brutus should be formally elected to the Council and his vote formally transferred to Stake. This is a matter that brooks no delay.

In my view, it is extremely important that Deer should be sent here if only for a couple of weeks, or even a week. This would be very, very useful, giving a view of every thing à vol d’oiseau, enabling him to see the source of ferment and to achieve full mutual understanding. Surely, no one can grudge a mere 200 rubles and two or three weeks for the sake of this! Surely a legal foreign passport could be found for Deer! Think this over carefully. I strongly recommend this step, which is especially convenient in connection with Deer’s plans. Truly, without having reached full agreement it is difficult to keep in step. And Deer’s talk of “moral influence on the Old Man” shows (please don’t take offence!) the utmost lack of mutual under standing. Why doesn’t Deer write anything about this? The plan of co-opting Martov is simply ridiculous; it shows such a lack of understanding that there are certain to be instances when you will get into a mess, and with a scandal at that. No really, I can’t even speak seriously about your co-opting Martov; if you have been thinking of it seriously, then we speak different tongues! We have all (including Stake) laughed until we cried over this “plan”!!



[1] Meaning to place him in an illegal position.—Ed.

[2] Meaning the Mensheviks.—Ed.

[3] The state of affairs in the Caucasus in connection with the behaviour of the Tiflis delegate Topuridze (Isari), who deserted to the Mensheviks after the Second Congress, is fully dealt within Lenin’s letter to the Caucasian Union Committee.

[4] This refers to the Central Committee’s announcement (report) concerning the Party’s Second Congress which had been held; the draft announcement had been sent to Russia.

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