Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Two Tactics of Social-Democracy in the Democratic Revolution


Once Again Osvobozhdeniye Trend, Once Again New Iskra trend

Numbers 71-72 of the Osvobozhdeniye and Nos. 102-103 of the Iskra provide a wealth of additional material on the question to which we have devoted Chapter 8 of our pamphlet. Since it is quite impossible to make use of the whole of this rich material here, we shall confine ourselves to the most important points only: firstly, to the kind of “realism” in Social-Democracy that Osvobozhdeniye praises and why the latter must praise it; secondly, to the relationship between the concepts revolution and dictatorship.

  Conclusion. Dare We Win? | What Do The Bourgeois Liberal Realists Praise The Social-Democratic “Realists” For?  

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