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Written: Written after March 12, 1914
Published: First published in 1935 in Proletarskaya Revolutsia No. 5. Sent from Cracow to Berlin. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, [1977], Moscow, Volume 43, page 392a.
Translated: Martin Parker and Bernard Isaacs
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
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Dear Comrade Rudis, I am very much surprised at your writing: “I cannot understand Lenin’s attitude in this matter” (i. e., my attitude towards the conciliator resolutions of the Lettish Congress[1]).

Didn’t Herman tell you that I fought tooth and nail? The conciliators won, however. We must fight on now, but fight with sense.

The arrests don’t surprise me, since the Congress was arranged by the liquidators with an outrageous lack of secrecy. The whole of Brussels knew about it! The whole of Paris!

This will be a lesson—beware of the liquidators!

Show this letter to Herman. I am waiting for news as to when the resolutions are to be published. Pravda should do this before anybody else.[2]

N. K. sends her regards.

All the best,


[1] In his letter of March 12 (N.S.), 1914, I. Rudis-Gipslis criticised the conciliatory nature of some of the resolutions adopted at the Fourth Congress of the Social-Democrats of the Lettish Region, and especially the inclusion in the resolution on the attitude to the R.S.D.L.P. of the proposal by the conciliators of J. Janson-Braun which obliged the Social-Democrats of the Lettish Region temporarily, “until the business of unification was on firm ground”, to abstain from organisational contacts with either the C.C. or the O.C. He reported that the comrades in the local areas, too, were displeased with the conciliatory resolutions of the congress and believed that the fight against the conciliators would have to go on.

[2] Articles on the Fourth Congress of the Social-Democrats of the Lettish Region citing resolutions of the congress were published   in the supplement to No. 50 of Put Pravdy, for March 30, 1914 under the heading “The Baltic Region”.

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