V. I. Lenin

Plans for a Pamphlet Statistics and Sociology{1}

Written: Written in January 1917
Published: First published in 1937 in Lenin Miscellany XXX. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1977, Moscow, Volume 41, pages 387.2-390.
Translated: Yuri Sdobnikov
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
Copyleft: V. I. Lenin Internet Archive (www.marxists.org) © 2004 Permission is granted to copy and/or distribute this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.  


Statistics and Sociology


  1. A) Historical conditions of national movements.
  2. B) Some theoretical questions relating to national movements.
  3. C) Right of nations to self-determination and Rosa Luxemburg.
  4. D) Cultural-national autonomy.
A) Historical conditions of national movements....
[[ succession of epochs; types of countries as historical stages in this succession.... ]]
A. Historical background to national movements....
(p. 2{2} )
Chapter 1. Some statistics
p. 4. I and
II p. 8{3}
2. Three “types” of countries....
(Types historical stages.)
B) Some theoretical questions
[Some unsettled   questions?{4} ] relating to national movements.
“State of nationalities?”
[stage of completed national movements....]
3. Imperialism and division of the world....
4. Rule: oppressor and oppressed nations....
5. “System of states....”
{{ system of national states system of imperialist states }}
B. (1)
[[ On the concept of feasibility ]]
1. “Feasibility” of self-determination.
(2) 2 bis:
“Dualism” and monism....
2. National wars in the “epoch” of imperialism.
Concept of “epoch”.
to A.→6.
(3) [BOX ENDS:]
Annexations and colonies ]]
3. Annexations and self-determination.
4. Colonies and self-determination.
7. Concurrence of imperialist and national wars....
America 1783—the “possible” and the real.
(4) [BOX ENDS:]
Lensch’s arguments ]]
5. Lensch vs. Struve. Lensch’s “arguments”....{9}
6. Engels on the 1866 treaty (separate sheet)....
(5) {{
7. Imperialist Economism and “ultra-imperialism”....
(6) {{
8. The state and state construction.
9. Democracy and socialism.
10. Minimum and maximum.
(7) ||
11. Social-chauvinism vs. Kautskyism on the question of self-determination and imperialism.
(8) United States of Europe: ... _ || _ Patouillet (Wilhelm II)....
(9) Social-pacifism as embellishment of imperialism
(K. Kautsky. Dec. 1916){10}
Distinction between the oppress o r and the oppress e d countries
+ Marx on Ireland
from “Beitr\"age
zur Biographie”{11} ))
European states and colonies in 1876 and 1916.
“It wasn’t worth while emancipating the Negroes” (Wirth).
Marx on the state: “der heutige Staat”{5} ?? (NB)
+ Engels about 1866 treaty its abrogation (separate sheet). ||
“Law” of state concentration????
+ Lensch’s “arguments” (his 2 articles).... ||
National specifics of oppressed nations (Wirth on Ireland).
Engels on Ireland in the event of war between America and Britain.
Neue Zeit 1915–16?
...“Imperialist Economism”.... }}
“Ultra-imperialism”.... }}
Two absurdities }}
“Era of national wars”
Patouillet and Junius ))
“There can be no national wars” in the imperialist “epoch”. (To make it stronger!) Concept of “epoch”....
Old and new studies of the national question:
To A:
  1. 1. Three “types” of countries.
  2. 2. “Types”=historical stages.
  3. 3. Uneven development.
“State of nationalities.” Incompleteness of this concept. }}
To B {{ Furtherance of reforms: Bismarck vs. 1848
Imperialist war of 1914–17 vs. 1848 (!!!)
Imperialism and division of the world
Imperialist wars on the basis of slavery, etc.
Concurrence of imperialist and national wars.
Etwa Historical conditions of national movements
  1. A. Some statistics. (Facts are stubborn things. {6} )
  2. B. Theoretical mistakes in the reasoning of some Marxists on the national question.
  3. C. Right of nations to self-determination and Rosa Luxemburg.
  4. D. Cultural-national autonomy.
old studies....
To B: Imperialism and the national question.
F e a s i b i l i t y of national self-determination.
Annexations and national self-determination.
Colonies and national self-determination.
The state and state construction.
“Dualism” and “monism” in the national question.
Diversity of movements towards a single goal.
“Get out of the colonies”??
Socialism and colonies (Engels 1882).
Integration of nations?


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{6} The last three words are in English in the original—Ed.

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