V. I. Lenin

Direct-Line Conversation With L. D. Trotsky

Chairman Of The Soviet Peace Delegation
At Brest-Litovsk

January 3 (16), 1918

Written: 3 January, 1918
First Published: 1929 in the magazine Proletarskaya Revolutsia No. 5. Publshished according to the telegraph tape.
Source: Lenin’s Collected Works, Progress Publishers, Moscow, Volume 26, 1972, pp. 427
Translated: Yuri Sdobnikov and George Hanna, Edited by George Hanna
Transcription & HTML Markup: Charles Farrell and David Walters
Online Version: Lenin Internet Archive November, 2000



Lenin here. I have just received your special letter. Stalin is away and I have not yet been able to show it to him. I think your plan is worth discussing. Can its final implementation be somewhat deferred, and the final decision taken after a special Central Executive Committee meeting over here? I shall show the letter to Stalin as soon as he returns.



I should like to consult Stalin before replying to your question. A delegation of the Kharkov Ukrainian Central Executive Committee, which has assured me that the Kiev Rada is on its last legs, is leaving today to join you.



Stalin has just arrived, I shall discuss it with him, and will shortly let you know our joint reply.



Please inform Trotsky. Request arrange adjournment and return to Petrograd.

Lenin. Stalin.