V. I. Lenin

Resolution Of The All-Russia Central Executive Committee

January 3 (16), 1918

Written: 3 January, 1918
First Published: 4 January in Pravda No. 3 and Izvestia No. 2. Published according to the Pravda text.
Source: Lenin’s Collected Works, Progress Publishers, Moscow, Volume 26, 1972, pp. 427
Translated: Yuri Sdobnikov and George Hanna, Edited by George Hanna
Transcription & HTML Markup: Charles Farrell and David Walters
Online Version: Lenin Internet Archive November, 2000


On the basis of all the achievements of the October Revolution, and in accordance with the Declaration of the Working and Exploited People adopted at the meeting of the Central Executive Committee of January 3, 1918, all power in the Russian Republic belongs to the Soviets and the Soviet institutions. Accordingly, any attempt by any person or institution whatsoever to usurp any of the functions of state power will be regarded as a counter-revolutionary act. All such attempts will be suppressed by every means at the disposal of the Soviet power, including the use of armed force.