V. I. Lenin

Telegram to Commander-In-Chief (In Serpukhov)

Written: November 29, 1918
First Published: in 1942. Published according to the text written by Stalin with additions by Lenin.
Source: Lenin’s Collected Works, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1965, Volume 28, pg. 225

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As our troops push on westward and into the Ukraine, provisional regional Soviet governments are being formed to back up the Soviets in the localities. This has the advantage of depriving the Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian chauvinists of a chance to regard our troop movements as occupation and of creating a favourable situation for further advance. Otherwise our troops would have been in an impossible situation on occupied territory and the local population would not have met them as liberators. In view of the situation, please issue an order to the commanders of the corresponding units so that they render all possible support to the provisional Soviet governments in Latvia, Estonia, the Ukraine and Lithuania, but, of course, only to the Soviet governments.