Vladimir Lenin

Telegram To The Penza Gubernia Executive Committee And The Revolutionary War Council Of The First Army[1]

Written: 20 August, 1918.
First Published Published (without address, date and signature) September 25, 1918 in Pelrogradshaya Pravda No. 209; Published In full January 27, 1935 in Krasnaya Zvezda No. 22; Published according to the Petrogradshaya Pravda text checked with the Krasnaya Zvezda text
Source: Lenin’s Collected Works, Progress Publishers, Moscow, Volume 28, 1974, page 98
Translated (and edited): Jim Riordan
Transcription/HTML Markup: David Walters
Online Version: V.I.Lenin Internet Archive, 2002

Moscow September 22, 1918

The capture of Simbirsk, my home town, is a wonderful tonic, the best treatment for my wounds. I feel a new lease of life and energy. Congratulations to the Red Army men on their victory, and, on behalf of all working people, thanks for all their sacrifices.



[1] The Red Army occupied Simbirsk on September 12, 1918. After the capture of the town the men of the First Army sent the following telegram to Lenin: “Dear Vladimir Ilyich, the capture of your native town is our reply for one of your wounds, the capture of Samara will be for the other]” In reply Lenin sent the telegram published in this volume.