V. I. Lenin

Speech to

Mobilised Worker Communists

Delivered From the Balcony of Moscow Soviet of Workers’ and Red Army Deputies

October 16, 1919

Newspaper Report

Delivered: 16 October, 1919
First Published: Pravda No. 232, October 17, 1919; Published according to the Pravda text
Source: Lenin’s Collected Works, 4th English Edition, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1965, Volume 30, pages 66-67
Translated: George Hanna
Transcription/HTML Markup: David Walters & Robert Cymbala
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(Lenin is greeted with stormy applause.) Comrades, permit me to greet the workers of Yaroslavi and Vladimir gubernias who have once again answered our call and given their best forces for the defence of the workers’ and peasants’ republic. You know from the newspapers in which we print the whole truth, concealing nothing, what new and ominous danger is embodied in the capture of Ore! by the tsarist general Denikin and the threat to Red Petrograd by Yudenich. But we regard this danger, and we struggle against it, in the way we always have-we appeal to the politically-conscious proletariat and working peasantry to stand firm in defence of their gains.

The situation is extremely grave. But we do not despair, for we know that every time a difficult situation for the Soviet Republic arises, the workers display miracles of valour and by their example encourage and inspire the troops and lead them on to fresh victories.

We know that throughout the world, in all countries, the revolutionary movement is growing, slower than we would like, but definitely growing. We also know that the victory of the working class throughout the world is certain.

Great as the sacrifices made by Russia are, greatly as she has been tormented and mutilated, she is nevertheless fighting persistently for the cause of all workers. The imperialists may crush another republic or two, but they cannot save world imperialism, for it is doomed and will be swept away by the coming socialism.

That is why I greet you, workers of Vladimir and Yaroslavi gubernias, in the firm conviction that you will, by your personal example, strengthen the spirit of the Red Army and lead it to victory.

Long live the workers and peasants!

Long live the world workers’ republic!