Women and Marxism Archive

V.I. Lenin



Though Lenin did not write a great deal in terms of volume on women's issues, he is widely known and quoted for his firm conviction that no revolution is possible without the participation of women. He encouraged men to support women's participation in politics. Married to Russian revolutionary, N.K. Krupskaya.

Many of the works in this collection are abstracts from larger works, on the sections specifically addressing women. Send corrections, comments and additions to sryan@marxists.org.



Preface to this collection by N. Krupskaya.
Lenin on the Women's Question by Clara Zetkin.


1899: Development of Capitalism in Russia: 6. Domestic Industry
1899: Development of Capitalism in Russia: 7. Large-Scale Machine Industry
1902: Draft programme of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party
1906: Lessons of the Moscow Uprising
1907: The International Socialist Congress in Stuttgart
1913: The Working Class and Neo-Malthusianism
1913: "Civilised" Europeans and "Savage" Asians
1913: A Great Technical Achievement
1913: Capitalism and Female Labour
1913: Fifth International Congress Against Prostitution
1915: Letter to Inessa Armand
1915: Letter to Inessa Armand
1916: From A Caricature of Marxism and Imperialist Economism
1917: Letter from Afar
1917: From The Tasks of the Proletariat in Our Revolution
1917: From Materials Relating to the Revision of the Party Programme
1917: From Can the Bolsheviks Retain State Power?
1918: Speech at First All-Russian Congress of Women Workers
1919: From A Great Begining
1919: Tasks of the Soviet Women's Movement
1919: Soviet Power and the Status of Women
1920: To the Working Women
1920: On International Women's Day
1920: To the Bureau of the Women's Congress in Petrograd Gubernia
1920: To the All-Russia Conference of Gubernia Soviet Women's Departments
1921: To the Conference of Representatives of Women's Departments
1921: International Working Women's Day
1921: From The Fourth Anniversary of the October Revolution
1922: From On the Significance of Militant Materialism