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Wilhelm Liebknecht

Wilhelm Liebknecht

1826 – 1900



On The Political Position of Social-Democracy (speech)


The Spider and the Fly


On The Political Position of Social-Democracy (pamphlet)

March 1895

A Bad Quarter of an Hour

January 1895

Preface to Eleanor Marx's Working Class in England


Karl Marx: Biographical Memoirs

July 1896

A Message From Liebknecht

August 1896

Our Recent Congress

November 1896

Statement on Armenia

March 1897

Crete and Social-Democracy

April 1897

The First of May in Germany 1897

April 1898

May Day in Germany 1898

June 1898

Social-Democracy in Germany: On the elections

July 1898

International Socialist Workers and Trade Union Congress

March 1899

To my friends in England

August 1899

No Compromise – No Political Trading (pamphlet)

21 March 1900

Beware of Imperialism and Militarism

3 April 1900

To the Editor of The Clarion

21 April 1900

On Militarism

21 July 1900

Breakers Ahead

August 1901

How it could be done


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