Wilhelm Liebknecht

No Compromise – No Political Trading


Written: In German in August 1899 and published soon afterward.
First published in English: January 15th, 1900.
Source: Charles H. Kerr and Co., revised second edition translation, 1911, Chicago, USA. 64 pages.[note]
Translated by: A. M. Simons and Marcus Hitch.
Public Domain: This work is free of any copyright restrictions.
Transcribed by: Ted Crawford.
HTML markup by: Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive, 2005.
Lenin link and technical updates: Bill Wright, June 2023.

Preface to the Russian Edition by N. Lenin (MIA Supplement)

The Party Law
Proletarian Socialism
State Capitalism
Bourgeois and Bourgeoisie
The German Bourgeoisie Never Passed Through the Liberal Stage of Development
The Failure of the Progressive Party
The Pamphlet on Tactics
What is a Compromise?
Socialism and Ethics
Theoretical Differences of Opinion, Not Material: Tactics is Material
We are a Peculiar People
The Inclined Plane of Compromise
Bluecher’s Motto
Compromises like Treaties are not Kept
The Situation in France
Independent Action is the Only Thing that is Practical


MIA Editor’s Note

Note: The first known publication of this translation is dated January 15th, 1900; a scanned PDF is available here. At some point between 1900 and 1911 a revised second edition of the translation was released, which serves as the source for this Marxists Internet Archive transcription. This second edition adds a translation of Wilhelm Liebknecht’s original preface, which was skipped in the first edition. Other than that, the second edition translation is almost identical to the first; the basic prose remains unchanged, and the only difference I could detect, besides a few extra commas, was changing the American popularized term “economic conception of history” to the more accurate “materialistic conception of history”. —Bill Wright, June 2023.

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