Ernest Mandel

Message to Nahuel Moreno
Funeral Ceremony


From Working Class Opposition, Vol.5 No.29, May 1987, p.13.
Thanks to Joseph Auciello.
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The death of Comrade Hugo has deeply moved us all. With him disappears one of the last representatives of the handful of leading cadre who, following WWII, maintained the continuity of Leon Trotsky’s struggle in difficult conditions, as our movement was still very isolated. Beyond the differences which separated us, we were united by the same resolution to maintain this continuity against all odds.

Having crossed that desert, today in many countries we find ourselves with possibilities of obvious growth as a result of the overall crisis of imperialism, capitalism and Stalinism, combined with the increase in workers’ combativity. Thus the facts confirm that Hugo’s generation, which is also mine, hasn’t struggled in vain.

We will remember Moreno, above all, for his fight to forge working-class independence of the Argentine proletariat, one of the most militant in the world, and for his efforts to spread the writings and thought of Leon Trotsky. To his party, the MAS, to his family, to his comrades and closest friends, we send our fraternal condolences.

Revolutionaries don’t give in before death; instead they proclaim the permanence of life, of struggle, and of the revolution.

Long live the Argentine and Latin American working class!
Long live the world socialist revolution!
Long live the Fourth International!


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