Marxist Writers: Mary Marcy

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Mary Marcy

(1877 – 1922)


September 1904: Letters of a Pork Packer’s Stenographer – No. III

November 1904: Letters of a Pork Packer’s Stenographer – No. IV

November 1904: Letters of a Pork Packer’s Stenographer – No. V

March 1907: William, the Faithful

January 1910: The Awakening of China

February 1910: Progress in China

February 1910: A Strike in the “Model Village”

May 1910: The Milwaukee Victory

June 1910: Economic Determinism and Sacred Cows

July 1910: Working Men and Women

December 1910: Beginners Course in Socialism and the Economics of Karl Marx   No. II

1911: Shop Talks on Economics (pamphlet)

August 1911: Are You a Socialist?

September 1911: Can a Socialist Serve All the People?

October 1911: The Busy Silk Worm

November 1911: The World-Wide Revolt

August 1912: Why the Socialist Party Is Different

December 1912: Morals of Rubber

February 1913: The New York Garment Workers Strike

March 1913: Hard Times and How to Stop Them

April 1913: The White Flag Agreement Brigade

September 1913: The March of the Machine

November 1913: The Food Destroyers

January 1914: Competing with the Machines

February 1914: Nine Sharpshooters

April 1914: China and Standard Oil

May 1914: How the Capitalists Solve the Problem of the Unemployed

June 1914: Whose War is This?

September 1914: The Real Fatherland

October 1914: Organize with the Unemployed – A New Way to Fight

October 1914: Socialist Unpreparedness in Germany

February 1915: Better Any Kind of Action Than Inert Theory!

March 1915: The Value of Immorality

March 1915: Where We Stand on War

April 1915: Plenty of Jobs!

April 1915: We Must Fight It Out

October 1915: Stories of the Cave People (excerpt)

September 1916: They Belong Inside!

October 1916: Hamstringing the Unions

November 1916: Who Pays the Taxes

December 1916: Mass Action – Where We Stand

March 1917: Marxian Economics – Transportation

March 1917: Killed Without Warning

April 1917: Marxian Economics – How the Farmer Is Exploited

May 1917: Our Gains in the War

June 1917: The Class Struggle Disguised

July 1917: The Cause of War

August 1917: Why Not Register Them All?

September 1917: A Month of Lawlessness

October 1917: German Socialist in Russia

February 1918: Economic Power

1919: Industrial Autocracy (pamphlet)

September 1918: A Revolutionary Party


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