Marx/Engels Image Library: Marx and Engels in London

Marx-Engels Image Library

Recent Photos of Marx and Engels Sites in London

1. Site of 1 Modena Villas/1 Maitland Park Road NW3: Now a block of flats called “The Grange” built c.1900 (no municipal acknowledgement)

2. Site of 41 Maitland Park Road NW3: Now part of Camden Council’s Maitland Park housing estate, built late 1950s after demolition of entire area due to WWII bomb damage (Camden Council plaque on wall)

3. 9 Grafton Terrace (now 46 Grafton Terrace, NW5) Marx family residence October 1856-March 1864. This is the most intact of all the places Marx stayed in: the side of the street on which their house is located remains virtually unchanged since the 1860s. Surprisingly, there is still no acknowledgement from either Camden Council (brown plaque) or English Heritage (blue plaque).

4. 122 Regents Park Road NW1 Engels residence 1870-94. This photo makes quite a good comparison with the image currently online, as you can see the building is unchanged (probably because it's a conservation area and very desirable residence) apart from the addition of the GLC blue plaque.

Gordon Lee