Works of Marx and Engels


* 1870 —
In September 1870, Engels moved to London and
joined the General Council of the International

“... that the present conditions in Russia can no longer be maintained, that the emancipation of the serfs only, of course, hastened the process of disintegration and that a fearful social revolution is approaching.” [Marx to Engels 12th February]


International Workingmen's Association, 1870
including General Council to Russian Section in Geneva, 24 March,
Confidential Communication on Bakunin, 28 March, and
Program for the 5th Congress, July 14.
The English Government and the Fenian Prisoners, 21 February, Marx
History of Ireland, May-July.
Notes on the War, Pall Mall Gazette, 29 July 1870-18 February 1871.


Minor Works

Notes for a Preface to a Collection of Irish Songs, Engels
Preface to the Second Edition of Peasant War in Germany, Engels
Notes on the France-Prussian War, July 1870 - February 1871, for the Pall Mall Gazette, by Engels