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The Civil War in France

Written: July 1870 - May 1871;
First Published: 1871;
Source: English Edition of 1871;
Transcription/Markup: Zodiac & Brian Baggins;
Proofed: and corrected by Matthew Carmody 2009.




[The Begining of the Franco-Prussian War]

[Prussian Occupation of France]

[France Capitulates & the Government of Thiers]

[Paris Workers’ Revolution & Thiers’ Reactionary Massacres]

[The Paris Commune]

[The Fall of Paris]


Engels 1891 Postscript
News stories describing some of the last massacres
Marx’s Letters to Dr. Kugelmann (April, 1871)
Franco-Prussian War
Timeline of the Civil War
History of Paris Commune by Lissagaray, 1876
Picture Gallery;

[First and Second Drafts]


Notes on Publication

The Civil War in France in mobi eBook format