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Marx and Engels on France

Early Writings
The Emperor's Procession, by Engels 1841.
Centralisation and Freedom, by Engels 1842.
Chapter 6, Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right, Marx 1843.
The Progress of Social Reform on the Continent, by Engels 1843.
Introduction, to the Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right, Marx 1844.
News from France, by Engels 1844.

The Holy Family
French Materialism & Communism & Revelation of Political Economic Mysteries, Marx 1845.

The German Ideology
Idealism & materialism, Marx 1845.

Fragment of Fourier's On Trade, by Engels 1845.
Peuchet On Suicide, by Marx 1845.
Government and Opposition In France, by Engels 1846.

The Poverty of Philosophy, by Marx 1847.

The Constitutional Question in Germany, by Engels 1847.
The Decline and Approaching Fall of Guizot, by Engels 1847.
Moralising Criticism and Criticising Morality, by Marx 1847.
The Reform Movement in France, by Engels 1847.
The Reform Movement in France, by Engels 1847.

In Neue Rheinische Zeitung
The ‘Satisfied’ Majority, by Engels 1848.
To The Editor of La Réforme, by Marx 1848.
The Situation In France, by Marx 1848.

The June Revolution in Paris, by Marx 1848.

The Kölnische Zeitung on the June Revolution, by Marx 1848.
Thiers' Speech Concerning a General Mortgage Bank with a Legal Rate, by Marx 1848.
English-French Mediation in Italy, by Marx 1848.
The Paris Reforme on the Situation in France, by Marx 1848.
The Victory of the Counter-Revolution in Vienna, by Marx 1848.
The Revolutionary Movement, by Marx 1849.
Montesquieu XVI, by Marx 1849.
The First Trial of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung, Speech by Marx 1849.
Defeat of the Piedmontese, by Engels 1849.
The Democratic Party, by Engels & Engels 1849.

Letters from France, by Engels 1849.

The Class Struggle in France, 1848 to 1850, by Marx 1850.

The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, by Marx 1852.

The Civil War in France, by Marx 1871.

Introduction to Programme of French Workers' Party, by Marx 1880.

Possibilist Credentials, Engels 1889.

20th Anniversary of the Paris Commune, Engels 1891.

The Peasant Question in France and Germany, Engels 1894

For the International Workingmen's Association

Notes for a speech by Marx On France's "historical friendship" with Poland, 1864;
Resolution of The Central Council on The Conflict in the Paris Section, 1865;
Resolution of the General Council on Félix Pyat's Provocative Behaviour, 1868;
Resolutions of the Meeting Held to Celebrate the Anniversary of the Paris Commune, 1872.


Letters on France