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Articles on anarchism, the struggle against Proudhon and the Conflict with Bakunin.

Art and Literature
Comprehensive index to references on art, literature, culture and literary criticism.

On the Cromwell and the English Revolution, Primitive Accumulation, the Industrial Revolution and the Condition of the Working Class, the Chartists, the English trade unions and British colonialism.

A collection of articles and books detailing a critique of capitalist political economy from the Manuscripts of 1844 through the various drafts of Das Kapital.

Excerpts from Speeches and books by Marx, touching on education.

A collection of quotes from the Works of Marx and Engels on environment.

Works of Marx & Engels, relevant to and most often quoted in relation to Ethics.

On French history and philosophy, the 1848 Uprising and the Paris Commune.

Free Trade
Speeches and Articles on Free Trade and Protectionism.

Historical Materialism
This compilation contains abstracts and links to over 30 books, documents and letters which uniquely highlight different aspects of the materialist conception of history.

Articles by Marx and Engels in New-York Tribune on the East India Company, mainly from 1853, the First Indian War of Independence, mainly from 1857, and selected letters between Marx and Engels concerning India and its history.

Various media interviews on both Marx and Engels.

Comprehensive collection of articles, letters and speeches on the Irish Question by Marx and Engels.

Letters to the Editor
Letters to bourgeois papers, usually in defence of prisoners or refuting slanders.

Early literary experiments of the young Marx and Engels.

Love and Marriage
Some excerpts from Marx, his beloved, Jenny, and his friend Engels, in their youth.

Articles Marx and Engels wrote for the Neue Rheinische Zeitung and other newspapers around the world.

Speeches, manifestos & documents by Marx and Engels for the Communist League, the First International etc.

A collection begining with Marx’s youthful work on Greek Philosophy and his critique of Hegel to Engels’ popularisations of dialectics and materialism.

Speeches and Articles on Poland.

Pre-Capitalist Societies
Books and articles on early forms of society, the peasantry and ancient history.

Marx Quotes
A collection of famous quotes from the Works of Marx and Engels. With 130 quotes from Karl Marx, 30 quotes from Frederick Engels, and every quote linked to the context, this is the only genuine, reliable source of Karl Marx quotes on the internet.

Comprehensive index to references to Religion from the Works of Marx and Engels.

Articles and letters on “The Russian Menace” and the approaching Revolution in Russia, especially the prospects of the Russian village commune.

Science and Mathematics
Engels’ works on Natural Science, Marx’s Mathematical Manuscripts and other references to the sciences.

Speeches by Marx and Engels on various struggles in which they were involved.

Trade Unions
Links to over 100 references on trade unions, strikes, etc 1844-1893.

Articles by Engels on War, Insurrection and Military Science.

Karl Marx, mostly about exploitation of women, and Engels, mostly about origins of the family.

Note: These subject indexes are not representative of all the works in the Marx/Engels Internet Archive, and within these subjects there are more works by Marx/Engels than what we have here compiled. This means that we have not yet transcribed those additional works, and also that among the works that we do currently have, we did not catalog them all. This subject index will grow over time, and one day will include every single work under a different subject. If you have any suggestions or questions, contact the director of the Marx/Engels Internet Archive.


Last updated on 30 March 2024