Marx-Engels Subject Archive


Marx and Engels on Anarchism


Guerilla Warfare, in Revolutionary Spain, Marx 1854
Letter from Marx to Bolte, 23 November 1871
Letter from Engels to Theodore Cuno, 24 January 1872
On Authority, Engels October 1872
Programme of the Blanquist Commune Emigrants, Engels June 1874


Against Proudhon

See Philosophy of Poverty, by Proudhon

Letter from Marx to Annenkov, 28 December 1846
The Poverty of Philosophy, Marx 1847
On Proudhon, Letter to J B Schweizer, 24 January 1865
Letter to Engels, Marx, 24 March 1870
Letter to Edward Beesly, Marx, 19 October 1870
How Proudhon Solves the Housing Question, Engels 1872
Supplement on Proudhon and the Housing Question, Engels 1872
Preface to The Housing Question, Engels 1887
On the 20th Anniversary of the Paris Commune, Engels 1891


The Conflict with Bakunin

See Bakunin Archive


Bakunin, Marx in Neue Rheinische Zeitung August 1848
Democratic Pan-Slavism, Marx in Neue Rheinische Zeitung February 1849
Letter from Engels To Marx, 18 March 1852
Michael Bakunin, Letter to The Morning Advertiser, September 2 1853
To the Editor of The People's Paper, Marx September 1853

International Workingmen's Association

Rules & Program of International Alliance of Socialist Democracy, Oct 1868
Marginal notes on Bakunin's program, Marx 15 December 1868
IWMA General Council on the Alliance, 22 December 1868
General Council letter to Alliance, 9 March 1869
Letter from Marx to Engels, 5 March 1869
Confidential communication, Marx 28 March 1870
On the Activity of the Alliance of Socialist Democracy, Marx 18 September 1871
Political Action and the Working Class, Marx 20 September 1871
Letter to Theodor Cuno, Engels, 24 January 1872
Fictitious Splits in the International, Marx & Engels January-March 1872
Letter to Nikolai Danielson, Marx, 15 August 1872
Letter to Nikolai Danielson, Marx, 12 December 1872
Letter to Bebel, Engels, 20 June 1873
Marx's Reply to Bakunin's Second Article, August 7, 1872
Report on the Alliance at the Hague Congress, Engels 2-7 September 1872
Hague Congress Commission on the Alliance, 5 September 1872

The Bakuninists at Work, Engels 31 October 1873
Letter to Sorge, Engels, 12 September 1874
On Social Relations in Russia, Engels 1874
Conspectus of Bakunin's Statism and Anarchy, Marx January 1875
Marx to W. Bracke, 5 May 1875
Marx to Sorge, 5 November 1880
Marx to Domela Nieuwenhuis, 22 February 1881
Engels to Philipp van Patten, 18 April 1883
Afterword to On Social Relations in Russia, Engels, 1894



Letters on Anarchism, 1846 - 1887