The International Workingmen's Association, 1872

Commission to Investigate
the Alliance


On September 5, the Congress nominated a Commission to investigate the Alliance of Socialist Democracy. It consisted of five people:

Chairman: Cuno (Stuttgart)
Secretaries: Lucain and Walter (France)
Members: Splingard (Belgium) and Vichard (France)

It reported to the Congress that the Alliance did exist, and its rules were contrary to the nature of the International. The Congress would resolve to expel Bakunin (24 votes for, 6 against, 7 abstentions) and Guillaume (25 for, 9 against, 8 abstentions) and voted against expelling Schwitzguebel (15 for, 16 against, 7 abstentions).

After Cuno's departure for America, and Lucain's death, the task of drawing up the final report on the Alliance fell to the commission engaged in editing the minutes of the Hague Congress -- Marx, Engels, Le Mossu, Frankel, Dupont and Serraillier. The main task was taken up by Marx and Engels, with substantial assistance from Paul Lafargue. The commission started compiling the report in April 1873 and in August in was published as the pamphlet The Alliance of Socialist Democracy and the IWMA.


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