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Speeches by Karl Marx, 1864-1872
Collected Minutes of the General Council, Volume 1, The London Conference, October 1864 - August 1866 (PDF)
Collected Minutes of the General Council, Volume 2, September 1866 - August 1868 (PDF)
Collected Minutes of the General Council, Volume 3, September 1868 - July 1870 (PDF)
Collected Minutes of the General Council, Volume 4, July 1870 - October 1871 (PDF)
Collected Minutes of the General Council, Volume 5, October 1871 - August 1872 (PDF)
The Hague Conference, Volume 6, September 1872 (PDF)
The Hague Conference, Letters & Reports, Volume 7, September 1872 (PDF)
Inaugural Addesss to the International, October 1864
General Rules of the Association, October 1864
Resolutions on Composition of the Central Council, November 8/29, 1864
Terms of Admission to The Association, 24 November 1864
Letter to Abraham Lincoln, 29 November 1864
Draft Report to the Central Council, January 24, 1865
Report of Sub-Committee on the Questions of a Congress, 1865
Minutes of London Conference, September 25-29
Report on the Working-Class Movement in Germany, Wilhelm Liebknecht
Resolution on Convocation of a General Congress, 19 September 1865
Card Issued to Societies forming the Association, February 1865
Original Draft Resolution on the Conflict in the Paris Section, March 4 1865
Resolutions on Conflict in Paris Section, March 7 1865
Proposals on the Programme of the Geneva Congress, March 15 1865
Resolution on the Programme of the Congress, March 15 1865
A Warning, March 15 1865
Memorandum to H. Jung re Conflict in Paris Section, March 16-18 1865
Address from the Association to President Johnson, May 13 1865
To Trade, Friendly, or any Working Men’s Societies, June 1865
Report of the Sub-Committee on the Questions of a Congress, August 1865
Call for support for Industrial Newspaper, latter half of August 1865
Prospectus for Industrial Newspaper, latter half of August 1865
Programme of the London Conference, September 1865
Programme of Second Soirée at St. Martin’s Hall, Long Acre, September 1865
Minutes of the London Conference, September 26 1865
To the People of the United States of America, September 1865
Report of Soirée, October 1865
Record of the Central Council Meeting, January 16, 1866
Appeal from British Members of Central Council to Fellow Working Men of the United Kingdom, January 1866
To The Editor of L'Echo De Verviers, February 20, 1866
The Irish State Prisoners, March 10, 1866
Manchester Schiller Institute Circular, March, 1866
To the Paris Students, Students and Young People of All Countries From the Workers of All Countries, June 1866
SURVEY OF THE PROGRESS of The International, Paul Lafargue, June 1866
INSTRUCTIONS FOR DELEGATES of the General Council, August 1866
Gratitude to the Delegates to the Geneva Congress, September 18 1866
The French Government and the International Association of Working Men, January 1867
Poland: Programme of the Tea-Party and Public Meeting, January 1867
To the Miners and Iron-Workers of Great Britain, March 1867
Manchester Schiller Institute Circular, June 28, 1867
To members and Affiliated Socities, July 1867
On The Lausanne Congress, middle of July 1867
Resolutions on the Lausanne Congress, Marx July 23, 1867
Resolution on the League of Peace and Freedom, August 13, 1867
THIRD ANNUAL REPORT of The International, September 14, 1867
On the Fenian Prisoners in Manchester, November 20, 1867
Meeting of the Council and Friends of the Association, November 19 1867
Rules and Administrative Regulations, November 1867
The Annual Report of the American Secretary of the Association (September 1866 to August 27, 1867)
Balance Sheet from September 1st, 1866 to April 23rd, 1867
Balance Sheet for the Financial Year ending August 31st, 1867
Draft Programme for the Brussels Congress, January 1868
Questions on Labour Statistics, January 1868
The Geneva Lock-Out. To the Editor of the Star, April 1868
The Position of The International On Prussian Protectionist Tariffs, May 1868
Changing the place of the International’s Congress in 1868, June 1868
Resolution on Félix Pyatt’s Provocative Behaviour, July 1868
On the Consequences of using Machinery under Capitalism, July 1868 Report in The Bee-Hive
On the Successes of The International in Germany and France, July 1868 Report in The Bee-Hive
On the British Government’s Attitude Towards Tsarist Russia, July 1868
To the Trades’ Unionists of Great Britain and Ireland, July 1868
On the Reduction of the Working Day, August 1868 Report in The Bee-Hive
To the General Association of German Workers, August 1868
FOURTH ANNUAL REPORT of the General Council, September 1868
To the Directorate of The Schiller Institute, September 1868
Appeal to the German Workers In London, August 1868
On the Dissolution of the Lassallean Workers’ Association, October 1868
Postscript, October 1868
The International and English Working Men’s Organisations, October 1868
Preamble to Resolutions of the 1866 and 1868 Congresses, November 1868
Statement to German Workers’ Educational Society, November 1868
Resumé of Meetings of the General Council, January 1869
On the Condition of the Coalminers in Saxony, February 1869: Report in The Bee-Hive
The Belgian Massacres, May 1869
Address to the National Labor Union of the United States, May 1869
Report of the General Council on the right of inheritance, August 1869
REPORT TO 4TH ANNUAL CONGRESS in Basle, September 1869
Address of the Land and Labour League, November 1869
Growth of Sympathy with Ireland among English Workers, November 1869
Resolution on the Irish Prisoners, November 1869
Importance and Weakness of English Labour, December 1869
To the Federal Council of French Switzerland, January 1, 1870
The English Government and the Fenian Prisoners, February 21, 1870
Karl Marx’s Speech on the “Bee-Hive” Newspaper, April 26, 1870
Program for the 5th Congress, July 14, 1870
The Lock-out of the Building Trades at Geneva, July 5, 1870
General Council Address on the War in France, July 23, 1870
Second Address on the War in France, September 9, 1870
On the Trades Councils, February 13, 1871
Statement by the General Council to the Editor of The Times, March 21, 1871
Resolution of the General Council Expelling Henri Louis Tolain, April 22, 1871
Serraillier’s report on the events prior to the Commune of Paris, February 28, 1871
Address on the War in France, May 30, 1871
Statement on Jules Favre’s Circular, June 13, 1871
Statement on George Jacob Holyoake’s Letter, June 20, 1871
Statement on the Letters of G. J. Holyoake and B. Lucraft, June 27, 1871
Trade Unions Held Aloof, August 8 1871
Resolution on Working Class Political Action, September 20 1871
An Aristocratic Minority, September 20 1871
General Rules of the Association, October 1871
On Trade Unions and the International, October 1871
Position of the Association in Germany and England, Marx 1871
Statement by the General Council Concerning Alexander Baillie Cochrane's Letter, Engels November 1871
Giuseppe Garibaldi's Statement and Its Effects on the Working Classes in Italy, Engels November 1871
Working Men's Congress at Rome.-Bebel's Speeches in the Reichstag, Engels November 1871
The Position of the Danish Members of the International on the Agrarian Question, Engels December 1871
Relations between the Irish Sections and the British Federal Council, Record of Engels’s Speech 1872
Police Terrorism in Ireland, Marx April 1872
Council Meeting, May 14th, 1872
Russian Section in Switzerland, Marx & Engels February 1872
On the Police Persecution of the Member of the International Theodore Cuno, Engels April 1872
Declaration of the General Council Concerning the Universal Federalist Council, Marx 1872
Announcement of the Convocation and the Agenda of the Congress at The Hague, Engels June 1872
Reply to the British Federal Council, Marx January 1873
News on the Activities of the International on the Continent, Engels February 1873
News on the International Labour Movement, Engels March-May 1873