The International Workingmen's Association, 1867

Resolutions concerning the agenda of the Lausanne Congress

Written: by Marx July 23, 1867;
First published: Resolution I published as leaflet and in The Working Man, No. 16, The Bee-Hive Newspaper, No. 300 and The Commonwealth, No. 75, July 13, 1867.


On the practical means by which to enable the International Working Men's Association to fulfil its function of a common centre of action for the working classes, female and male, in their struggle tending to their complete emancipation from the domination of capital.


That our Congress programme be published in the Courrier Français, that no branch has a right to put forth a programme of its own, that the Council alone is empowered to draw up the Congress programme, and that the General Secretary be instructed to send the Council programme to the Courrier and communicate the foregoing resolution to the Paris Committee.

Adopted by the General Council on
July 9 and 23, 1867