The International Workingmen's Association 1864

Resolutions on the Composition of the Provisional Central Council

Written: Adopted by the Central Council on November 8 and 29, 1864 and January 24, 1865;
First published: Resolution I was first published in The Bee-Hive Newspaper, No. 161, November 12, 1864; resolutions II and III were first published, in Russian, in Generalny Sovet Pervogo Internatsionala. 1864-1866, Moscow, 1961


That persons residing in any part of England can join the Association, but that no member can be elected upon the General Committee who is unable to attend its meetings, and assist in its deliberations.


That no one be elected on the Central Council who has not previously paid his annual subscription as a member of this Association.


That nominations for the Central Council Shall be made at least a week previous to the election, such election to take place in the absence of the candidate, and that the person to be elected shall before his nomination have taken a card of membership.