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Marx Engels Selected Works


Short List for beginners

1845: Theses on Feuerbach
1846: [A Critique of] the German Ideology
1847: Principles of Communism
1848: The Communist Manifesto
1849: Wage-Labor and Capital
1859: Preface to Contribution to Critique of Political Economy
1867: Capital, Chapter One
1871: The Civil War in France
1875: Critique of the Gotha Program
1880: Socialism: Utopian and Scientific
1886: Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy


Progress Publishers Selected Works

Selected Works
In One Volume.

Volume 1
(1845-1859) Communist Manifesto, and Marx's early theoretical writings.

Volume 2
(1860-1872) The First International, Capital and the Paris Commune.

Volume 3
(1875-1895) Critique of the Gotha Program, and Engels' popular explanations.


Lists by Marx and Engels themselves

Marx, 1868
List of Marx's works included in a brief autobiographical chronology.

Marx, 1880
Includes list of Engels’ “most important works”

Engels, November 1892,
“The fullest possible list of the published writings by Marx”

Marx, October 1868,
“Notes on my literary-political activity”


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