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Marx and Engels on Poland

For the 17th Anniversary of the Polish Uprising of 1830

Speech by Marx, November 29, 1847.
Speech by Engels, November 29, 1847.
Article in La Réforme, Engels, Dec 5 1847.

For the 2nd Anniversary of the Krakow Uprising, Brussels, February 22, 1848

Marx's Speech: Communism, Revolution and a Free Poland
Engels' Speech: The Polish and German People have the same enemies

In Neue Rheinische Zeitung

A New Partition of Poland, Engels June 9 1848
A New Policy in Posen, Engels June 21 1848
The Frankfurt Assembly Debates the Polish Question, Engels August 7 1848.
Democratic Pan-Slavism, February 15 1849
Panslavism and the Crimean War – I, Neue Oder-Zeitung, April 21 1855
Panslavism and the Crimean War – II, Neue Oder-Zeitung, April 24 1855

For the International Workingmen's Association

Note for Draft of Speech by Marx on France's Attitude to Poland, Dec 1864
Draft for a Speech on France's Attitude to Poland, Dec 1864
What have the Working Classes to do with Poland?, Engels, Jan-Apr 1866.
The Polish Question, International Workingmen's Association, Aug 1866.
Poland and the Russian Menace, Speech by Marx, Jan 22 1867, London.
Poland’s European Mission, report of Marx's Speech to Polish Workers Society on January 22 1867.
A Polish Proclamation, Engels in Volksstaat, 11 June 1874.
For Poland, Speeches by Marx & Engels, Mar 24 1875.
Letter to the Polish Socialists, Marx, Engels, Lafargue, Lessner, Nov 27 1880.

Nationalism, Internationalism and the Polish Question, Engels to Kautsky, 7 February 1882.

Mikhail Bakunin and Pan-Slavism

Bakunin's Speech On the 17th Anniversary of the Polish Insurrection, 1847
Bakunin's Appeal to the Slavs, 1848