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* 1872 *

hague congress
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Letters to the Editor

“Bakunin has a peculiar theory of his own, a medley of Proudhonism and communism, the chief point of which is in the first place that he does not regard capital, and therefore the class contradiction between capitalists and wage earners which has arisen through social development, as the main evil to be abolished — instead he regards the state as the main evil. While the great mass of the Social-Democratic workers hold our view that state power is nothing more than the organisation with which the ruling classes, landlords and capitalists have provided themselves in order to protect their social prerogatives, Bakunin maintains that it is the state which has created capital, that the capitalist has his capital only by favour of the state.” [Engels to Cuno, 24th January 1872]

Minor Works

International Workingmen's Association, 1872
including Fictitious Splits in the International
Resolutions on Anniversary of the Paris Commune
Nationalisation of the Land
La Liberté Speech
On Authority, Engels
The Housing Question, Engels
Letters to the Editor, Marx
Articles in The Eastern Post
Articles in The Tnternational Herald