Marx on Social Relations in Russia

Marx-Zasulich Correspondence

Source: Late Marx and the Russian Road, Marx and the ‘peripheries of capitalism’, edited by Teodor Shanin, Monthy Reivew Press, New York, 1983;
Written: late February to early March 1881;
Originally written in French and translations appeared in the Marx-Engels Archiv (Frankfurt, 1925).
Maximilien Rubel included the French original of some of the correspondence in his edition of the Oeuvres.
First Published: in English in Selected Correspondence (Moscow, 1955), in Russian in 1924 and corrected in the original German in MEGA, 1985;
Transcribed: by Andy Blunden, May 2014.

Letter from Vera Zasulich to Marx, 16 Feb. 1881

K. Marx: Drafts of a reply

The ‘First’ Draft (4,500 words)

The ‘Second’ Draft (2,000 words)

The Third Draft (2,000 words)

The Fourth Draft (300 words)

Karl Marx: The reply to Zasulich (350 words)


Letter from Marx to Editor of the Otecestvenniye Zapisky