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Marx and Engels
On “New Unionism” and the Labour Aristocracy

Tom Mann

Importance and Weakness of English Labour, by Marx, December 1869
Anti-Irish Prejudice, Marx to Meyer and Vogt, Apr 1870;
On the Venal Trade Union leaders, Marx to Liebknecht, Feb 1878;
Trades Unions, Engels in Labour Standard, June 1881;
Political Nullity of English Workers, Engels to Liebknecht, Aug 1883;
On their traditional superstition, Engels to Bebel Oct 1885;
On the New unionism, Engels to Sorge, Dec 7 1889;
On Craft Exclusiveness, Engels to Schluter, Jan 11 1890;
Bourgeois Labor Party, Engels to Sorge, Sep 1891;
More on New Unionism, Preface, 1892;
On the Social-Democratic Federation, interview with Engels, 1893;

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