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Gilbert McClatchie




October 1913: The Methods of the Professional Strike Smasher
July 1914: The Capitalists' "Directive Ability"
September 1914: The Motive Behind the "Boy Scout" Movement
October 1915: That Queer Thing Human Nature
April 1917: Irish Notes
May 1917: Irish Notes
June 1917: Irish Notes
January 1920: Phrase Magic
April 1920: "Economic Power"
July 1920: A brief exposition of socialist theory: Class Struggle
October 1920: A brief exposition of socialist theory: Political Action
November 1920: Commodity Struggle or Class Struggle?
December 1920: A brief exposition of socialist theory: Value
May 1921: Where Russia Stands. Our Attitude Supported by Latest Literature
June 1921: Where Russia Stands
July 1921: Where Russia Stands
September 1921: The "Wisdom" of a "Captain of Industry"
October 1921: Where Russia Stands
November 1921: A brief exposition of socialist theory: Value
April 1922: How "Ability" directs
July 1923: The staging of another pantomime
July 1923: Co-operation—A hopeless experiment
August 1923: A Belated Awakening
January 1924: Tom Mann Retracts!
May 1924: The Quick Change Artist
March 1925: The Class Struggle
June 1925: "A Living Wage". I.L.P. Moonshine
December 1925: War-Time Fairy Tales
February 1926: Prosperity and "dividing-up"
June 1926: The Strike
August 1926: Henry Ford or Karl Marx?
September 1927: Bernard Shaw and Socialism
January 1929: The Wings of the I.L.P.
September/October 1931: The Founding of the Socialist Party
December 1931: Overproduction Baffles the Capitalists
March 1932: The Importance of Parliament
June 1932: The Backward Countries. A Problem for Socialist Policy
April 1934: The Mirage in Spain
June 1934: The Purpose of Socialist Organisation
July 1934: The Labour Theory of Value Before Marx
April 1937: Is Democracy Worth While?
September 1937: Divide and Rule in Palestine
January 1946: The 'Transition Period'
September 1947: Gradualism and Revolution
April 1948: Socialism or Barbarism?
June 1948: Palestine and its Problems
September 1949: Another Fake Goes West: Exit the RCP
April 1953: The Fruits of False Theories: The Origins of Stalinism
August 1953: Notes on Solo Trumpet by T. A. Jackson
July 1954: Notes on Party History: The Trade Union Question
September 1954: The Socialist Standard in War Time
November 1955: The Materialist Conception of History
January 1956: The Fabians, Bernstein and Revisionism
February 1958: Marx and Soviet Reality
June 1962: Russia Puts the Clock Back
September 1964: Members in the Great War
May 1966: The Attitude of the SPGB during the Strike
March 1968: The Wobblies
April 1972: Materialism Vindicated
January 1975: Politics: Syndicalism and the General Strike (part I)
February 1975: Politics: Syndicalism and the General Strike (part II)