Franz Mehring

Absolutism and Revolution in Germany


Written: 1892, 1897, 1910
First Published: Parts 1 and 3 first published in 1910 in Deutsche Geschichte vom Ausgange des Mittelalters, Buchhandlung Vorwärts, Berlin. Part 2 first published in 1892 in Die Lessing-Legende in the journal Neue Zeit. Parts 4 and 5 first published in 1897 in Geschichte der deutschen Sozialdemokratie (Band 1), JHW Dietz, Stuttgart.
Source: English translation first published by New Park Publications.
Translated: From the German by Bob Archer
Transcription\HTML Markup: David Walters
Copyleft: Franz Mehring ( 2003. Permission is granted to copy and/or distribute this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License


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