Franz Mehring

Karl Marx:
The Story of His Life


Originally published: (in German) in 1918.
Translator: Edward Fitzgerald.
Publisher: Covivi, Friede Publishers, 1935.
Transcribed: Sally Ryan for, October 2000.

Translator’s preface

Author’s Preface

Chapter 1: Early Years
Home and School
Jenny Von Westphalen

Chapter 2: A Pupil of Hegel
The First Year in Berlin
The Young Hegelians
The philosophy of Self-Consciousness
The Doctoral Disseration
The Anekdota and the Rheinische Zeitung
The Rhenish Diet
Five Months of Struggle
Ludwig Feuerbach
Marriage and Banishment

Chapter 3: Exile in Paris
The Deutsch-Französische Jahrbücher
A Philosophic Perspective
On the Jewish Question
French Civilization
The Vorwärts and the Expulsion of Marx

Chapter 4: Friedrich Engels
Office and barracks
English Civilization
The Holy Family
A Fundamental Socialist Work

Chapter 5: Exile in Brussels
The German Ideology
“True Socialism”
Weitling and Proudhon
Historical Materialism
The Deutsche Brüsseler Zeitung
The Communist League
Propaganda in Brussels
The Communist Manifesto

Chapter 6: Revolution and Counter-Revolution
February and March Days
June Days
The War against Russia
September Days
The Cologne Democracy
Freiligrath and Lassalle
October and November Days
An Act of Perfidy
And Another Cowardly Trick

Chapter 7: Exile in London
The Neue Rheinische Revue
The Kinkel Affair
The Split in the Communist League
Life in Exile
The Eighteenth Brumaire
The Communist Trial in Cologne

Chapter 8: Marx and Engels
Genius and Society
An Incomparable Alliance

Chapter 9: The Crimean War and the Crisis
European Politics
David Urquhart, G. J. Harney and Ernest Jones
Family and Friends
The Crisis of 1857
The Critique of Political Economy

Chapter 10: Dynastic Changes
The Italian War
The Dispute with Lassalle
New Struggles in Exile
Herr Vogt
Domestic and Personal Affairs
Lassalle’s Agitation

Chapter 11: The Early Years of the International
The Founding of the International
The Inaugural Address
The Breach with Schweitzer
The First Conference in London
The Austro-Prussian War
The Geneva Congress

Chapter 12: Das Kapital
Birth Pangs
The First Volume
The Second and Third Volumes
The Reception of Capital

Chapter 13: The International at its Zenith
England, France and Belgium
Switzerland and Germany
Bakunin’s Agitation
The Alliance of Socialist Democracy
The Basle Congress
Confusion in Geneva
“The Confidential Communication”
The Irish Amnesty and the French Plebiscite

Chapter 14: The Decline of the International
After Sedan
The Civil War in France
The International and the Paris Commune
The Bakuninist Opposition
The Second Conference in London
The Disintegration of the International
The Hague Congress
Valedictory Twinges

Chapter 15: The Last Decade
Marx at Home
The German Social Democracy
Anarchism and the War in the Near East
The Dawn of a New Day
The Last Year


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