Gabriel Miasnikov 1930

The Latest Deception

First Published: Ocherednoi obman, Librairie J. Povolozky, Parizh, 1931.
Source: Spanish translation: ¡Salud, proletarios!. French translation published in Contribution à l’histoire de la Gauche communiste, “Le Groupe ouvrier du Parti communiste russe, 1922-1937—G. Miasnikov”, by Michel Olivier, 2009.
Online Version: Marxist Internet Archive 2017
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A few words about those who are no longer with us (in lieu of an introduction)

1. The bureaucracy’s deceitfulness and the proletariat

2. Bureaucratic deception: past and present

3. The division of labor in the bureaucracy

4. The proletarian revolution and the proletarian state

5. Private capitalism, state capitalism and the proletariat

6. The program of bureaucratic mystification

7. Proletarian democracy is the tomb of the bureaucracy