William Morris

Peterborough Cathedral II

I am glad your correspondent `Muratore' agrees with me in deprecating the rebuilding of the west front of Peterborough [Cathedral]. As to the rest of his letter, I find some difficulty in understanding it, and more still in understanding why he should have taken the trouble to write it. It is proverbially difficult to argue about matters of taste; but the combination in one mind of the study (and perhaps consequent knowledge) of architecture with contempt for the west front of Peterborough [Cathedral] must point to such a rarity as almost to amount to a monstrosity. I can only wish that the fabric of that lovely work of art were as safe from the attacks of restorers as its reputation for beauty is from those of such a very queer critic as your correspondent `Muratore' has shown himself.

Letter to the Pall Mall Gazette, 20 September 1889.