Hammersmith Socialist Record, Number 1, October 1891

[Untitled] Introductory



We propose to issue under the above title a Monthly Sheet, of which this is the first number, to assist in the Socialist Propaganda as far as possible, and to contain a list of the proposed Lectures for Sunday evenings, fixtures and arrangements for ensuing months, and such other information as may from time to time be thought advisable.

The Hammersmith Socialist Society has been formed for the purpose of spreading the Principles of Socialism in every way possible, especially by Lectures, Open Air Meetings, Demonstrations and Publications, and cordially invites the co-operation of earnest people who believe in its principles.

The nature of the work we have taken in hand compels us to depend mainly upon the propertyless worker for the carrying on of the propaganda, and consequently the measure of our work must be largely dependent on your support; but we feel that the Importance of the Issue justifies us in appealing to you earnestly and often to assist us by attending our Meetings, joining our Society, contributing to our Funds, or purchasing our Literature.

We have printed a statement of principles of our Society, which explains briefly our position, and which may be had free of charge by applying to out Secretary or to Comrades at any of our meetings.